Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Mike: Interview Reflection. Please post your Comment


Hope your interviews went really well  Please write a short reflection about your interview in the Comments section of this post.  That way we can see everyone's Comments on one place under this post.

1)  How do you feel about the interview now that you are done?  What went well?  What challenges did you face?
2)  Have you started your transcripts?  How many hours of work do you estimate it is going to take you to finish the transcripts?
3)  What themes (for example: goals and dreames, family, work, creativity, sacrifice, etc.) stood out to you as most interesting in the interview?


  1. 1. I feel that the interview went good for the most part. I believe I did a good job at asking questions and then answering follow-up questions ask well. One challenge I did face was almost running out of questions towards the end.
    2. I have started my transcripts. I order to finish the transcripts, I would estimate that it will take another 3 hours to finish them.
    3. The theme that stood out to me was focused around passion and dreams. The person I interviewed did a good job at focusing on those main themes.

  2. 1) I feel that the interview went excellent. I asked most of my questions and a lot of follow up questions. I was 15 minutes early and I had enough time to ask all of my important questions I wanted to ask. A challenge I had was writing down notes on my notebook because I was too focus on the interview portion.
    2) Yes I stated my transcripts. I think it will take me 2 more hours because I am almost done with the first of half of the transcript.
    3)The theme that stood out to me the most interesting was work and dreams.

  3. 1. I feel that the interview went very well,I really enjoyed the interview and I found it to be very interesting. I think that the flow of the conversation was the strongest aspect of the interview, it is really important for the interviewer to be engaged. A minor challenge I faced was staying on track with the main questions that I wanted to ask.
    2. I have started my trancripts, but not an sufficient amount. I plan to put in 3-5 hours of work, to include every detail from the interview.
    3. The theme of the interview, is to chase your dreams and never give up. What I found to be most interesting in the interview is how the amount of pride he had telling his story. I found it to be really cool that the person I interviewed has so much passion in what he does.

  4. 1)I feel awesome now that I'm almost done.I really didn't face any challenges, it went really smooth.My interview went really great and the person that i choose had a lot to say. She really explain every thing directly.
    2) My interview took me about 3 hours but i might need more time to type.
    3) My theme will probably be goals and dream.

  5. 1. I feel good about my interview now that I am done! I thought it was interesting and I learned a lot of new things about the person that I interviewed, even though I already knew her pretty well. I didn't face any major challenges, and I thought that overall it went really well.

    2. I probably have about another hour of work on my transcripts.

    3. The themes from my interview that stood out to me would definitely be goals and dreams.

  6. 1. Well it’s my first interview. Before this interview I never have done any short or long interview with anyone. I feel that the interview went great. I asked all my 25 questions with in time. My interview was 45minutes. The well thing is I got all my question’s answers.
    2. Yes, I started the transcript today in class. I think it might take 3-4hr to finish it.
    3. The theme that stood out to me the most interesting was Work and creativity of job.

  7. 1. I feel so good about my interview and I'm not done get but I have still more insteresting question and I have to ask Mr. Charlie the pesrson I was interview on Friday. My interview is so far so good. Mr. speak 7 languages that was more interest.
    2. my interview take about 2 hours but i need to more hours
    3. The theme that i interest the most was speak 7 languages.
    2. My interview takes about

  8. 1. I feel the interview was amazing because I haven't go back to Hayes High School for almost 3 years. I haven't see my favorite teacher for a long time. The talk was fun and We talk a lot! I don't see any challenge because my teacher gave me a lot of her thoughts for my questions!

    2. Yes, I did start my transcript after I had interview with her. It took me 4 hour to finish half of the interview. I think I will finish before Thursday morning! I'm pretty sure.

    3. I think my teacher is a greatest person I know! She love works and she loves her students. I can see how she cares and her creativity toward today's educations system. Also she loves her family and what she haven't doing. She is really a good role model in my life!

  9. 1. The interview went really well I think. A challenge that I knew I was going to face was getting different information from my mom that I didn’t already know. I learned a lot about my mom and her job in this interview, since she does not usually discuss her job.
    2. I started my transcripts and probably have been working on it for about two hours. My interview was 40 minutes so I think that it will take me about two more hours at least to finish it up.
    3. The themes that stood out to me the most in the interview was how much my mom puts family first when making decisions. Some of the views I have do not completely match up with my mom. We do not usually discuss very intense subjects. I realized are views aren’t the same.

  10. 1. The interview overall went really well. I really didn't face any challenges. The interview process went very well and the person I interviewed did a great job explaining what I had asked.
    2 I'm about half way done with my transcript. When all said and done it will probably have taken me around 5 hours.
    3 The themes that stuck out to me the most in my interview was creativity and compassion

  11. 1.I feel so good about my interview it was really great time take with my boss and we have talk about alot of think
    2.I really take alot of time to do my interview but so far it was good
    3. i enjoyed doing this interview i wish all essay could be like this

  12. 1) How do you feel about the interview now that you are done? What went well? What challenges did you face? I thought the interview went really well. Just connecting with the interviewee, it was really interesting and aspiring.
    2) Have you started your transcripts? How many hours of work do you estimate it is going to take you to finish the transcripts? Yes i have started my transcript. but i'm not done yet and i estimate that it will taken approximately 3 hours to finish it.
    3) What themes (for example: goals and dreames, family, work, creativity, sacrifice, etc.) stood out to you as most interesting in the interview? well i have to say that 3 themes stood out the most to me. it was work,family ad goals. and it was amazing listening and learning about the dreams and goals of that person.

  13. 1.) Since the Interview is done it feels great. a lot of the stress is over, and also feel relived. The things that went well were that my person was very talkative, he had really interesting stories, and i also feel we had some things in common and that we connected a little. The thing that was a challenge was that it was really hard to get the interview in because my person is always working.
    2.) Im done with my transcript and it took me about 5 hours to complete i. it took a lot of time because I'm kind of a slow typer and my interview was fairly long.
    3.)The things that really stood out were that my guy was very visionary and that he was very family oriented.

  14. 1.) Since the interview is done it feels good and now I can relax and not stress to much. I think the whole interview went well from the begging to the end. Some challenges that we faced was issues with the recorder but other then that we didn't really have any issues.
    2.) I started my transcript Monday in class and I got it done in about 4 hours.
    3.) In my interview we talked about family. friends. goals and the thing that stood out the most was his family. We talked a lot about his wife and kids and even his parents.


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