Friday, February 21, 2014

Exploration 5

Hallie Stillwell

The photo is taken with Hallie Stillwell and a newlywed’s couple in this profile where Mrs. Stillwell is invited to a Holy Matrimony of John Hoyt and Shelley Mesa. They consider it the most intimate of human relationships, a gift from God, and a sacred institution. This shows the romance between them where they both getting married. Mrs. Stillwell is standing with them to give wishes and congratulation to them. It’s a happy and joyful moment which revolves around them. You can see it in the faces of Stillwell, pleased with her after officiating at the wedding.

She is now ninety six years old. After her husband's death she’s struggled lot and for a single widow woman it’s a challenging to face difficult situations. But she faced all problems and later she became a justice of the peace for Brewster County. Before that she's a teacher and also writes a weekly gossip column for local alpine avalanche.

I think she is more visionary. Because she taught school, wrote columns for Texas newspapers, traveled as a lecturer and served as a justice of the peace. Hallie Stillwell has been a teacher, a cowgirl, a newspaper columnist, a storekeeper and a justice of the peace. There's one thing she's never done: Sit and do nothing.

In my active reading i like the passage#2 where she introduces her career started and her marriage she explains that her career started with a teacher. And after 2 years of her job she married a guy named Roy who is cowboy. The hands, miffed enough at being displaced to the barn, were not about to let a woman meddle in the manly work of cowboy cooking.

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