Thursday, February 13, 2014

Exploration 4

The movie Fresh was a really refreshing and informational movie that really opened your eyes to what we actually put in our bodies.  In this movie, you see what is really being put in your food and how food is grown through the industry and through small family owned farms. I think anyone, after watching the movie would definitely choose to have there food made by a small local farm. 

One of the main differences I saw between industry farms and small commercial farms was in the way they grew there food, particularly in the way they raised there animals.  In industry farms, they used chemicals and such to make there animals grow faster but this would often cause problems as they would make the animals sick with diseases which wasn't good since those animals provided the food we eat.  On the other hand, small family owned farms raised there animals in a more natural way, they let there animals take the proper time they needed to grow, this kept them disease free as they didn't feed them any bad chemicals, which made the food a lot more fresh, although this was more expensive than food made by an industry farm, it was well worth it in the long run.

"Americans fear only one thing, inconvenience"  This quote was said at the beginning of the movie and it surprised me how true it was.  Many people, instead of cooking something healthy at home, would rather order a pizza or get takeout from somewhere just to save themselves the trouble of making the meal, I think this is something we have all been guilty of at one point or another.  I think many people would rather take convenience over actually taking the effort to make a healthy home cooked meal.  I feel once we get out of this habit of taking convenience over our health, we'll start to see major changes in the food we eat, and how farms make there food.  

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