Monday, February 17, 2014

Exploration 2

The profile I chose for creativity was Robert Shields who is the author of the worlds longest diary. His diary consists of millions and millions of words and every hour, minute, and second of his waking day. As i read his profile I kept thinking to myself that this old man was nuts and he wasnt living his life because this diary was taking it over. But as he kept explaining why he was doing it I started to understand he was doing it so he would become lazy and not be doing anything with his life and thats when I started respecting him and his diary because a lot of old people will kind of give up on life and just sit around and not do anything but not Robert. He is very creative because he also put samples of his hair in the diary so when he passed away they could study his genetics and hopefully learn something from it. 

Under the Influence by Scott Russell Sanders was a very sad story because of the lack of a father his dad was to him and how much pain he put them through. What surprised me the most was how much his father was actually drinking and that Scott felt so helpless and shamefulness that he felt being an alcoholics son "I do not wish to compete to determine who has suffered most. I am only trying to understand the corrosive mixture of helplessness, responsibility, and shame that I learned to feel as the son of an alcoholic" (Sanders pg 181). This surprised me because I've never had to deal with an alcoholic parents or relative so this was kind of new to me. The obvious thing I learned was to not be an alcoholic father because I now know what harm I would do to my family and how much it impacts their lives.  

Question stemming from Moreese Bickhams profile from Holding On. How many men in Louisiana State Penitentiary do you believe are innocent?  

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