Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration Five: Amal


This is Mariano and Clara Lucca. It is a photo showing a section of their Museum in 1993.  Mariano does really have passion for the history of Christopher Columbus and Isabel. In the book he simply states that “I’m the one that made Columbus Day a national holiday, understand?” He is holding on to the family tradition that his father passed on to him. He is remarkably smart and knows so much about the history of Christopher Columbus. He also states that the Universities offer him lots of money for the ship in the museum and he simply denied giving it to them. Because it holds so much memories for him and he also spend a good amount of money on the paintings. I would say that the mood for this image appreciation. He stood up for what he believed in and made a difference when no one else would. What this really reveals about the subject is that he is a very passionate and determined human being, who appreciates history.
I personally feel as if Mariano and Clara represented the theme of creativity in a truly unique way. Because not everyone does this kind of thing: where you have a museum right in your living room. I guess since they don’t really want to sell their museum or artifacts, a good way to really fix that problem of people coming to ask them to sell the artifacts is to finally make a statement that he will never sell his precious Museum.
For Mariano and his wife Clara Lucca, I would say they are eccentric because the way they do certain things is unique, different and wealthy of history. I chose eccentric because I don’t really think that there are a lot of people in this whole world who do the things they do.
A passage that really meant a lot to in his profile is on Page 165, where Mariano says “There’s gonna be a national holiday in the United States for Queen Isabel”. It shows how determine he really is.  When I was reading this profile, I grew quite fond of it because it’s something new. I have never really heard of someone doing something like this.


  1. I think that they are dreamers in a unique way too. When i first started reading it i thought it was something so odd to be obbsessed with but as the story grew on i grew fond of them as well and thought that it was inspiring that they were so determened.

  2. the direct quotes are used is great and its great that he's holding on his family tradition which's an unique and this profile's a good inspiration to everyone.

  3. Great profile very inspiring and determined people. Do you know if Mariano followed through in getting Queen Isabel a holiday?

    1. I don't think he did because i found out that he died not long ago.


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