Thursday, February 20, 2014

exploraton 5 najima

      Lydia Emery was amazing woman. this photo took her  when they make the interview with her and, she stand outside her office. this picture take on 1993 it was before she die. she was doctor and you can see her the stuff she have. she was 84 years old when this picture took. and she charging money people who visit her house and her office. if you want to visit her office is one dollar and if  you want to visit her house she will be charging you two dollar. she wait to go high school on three years and , finally she finish high school and she want Mennonite college. she study nursing but she became doctor. After she finish medical school she went two year navy and, that was when she met her husband.

 what I feel this person  represent the theme of creativity is she is amazing person because she from place most people didn't care about education. For example in the story she said "my people didn't believe education and, girl even to go to high school."  she represent her town her family because she was the first one to go school and finished medical school. the problem she solving skill was she didn't charge people more money. for example in the story she said "like one of my own colleagues,  a woman  doctor up  in the valley. I didn't know her, but one of my nurse friends told me that she was upset with me because I didn't charge more , that I was "projecting the wrong image," that a woman doctor should make just as much as a man doctor _ which I don't disagree." she is strong woman and,  I think she might need to live the her life  because she is doctor and she can help many others but sadly she die 1997 after they took this interview and , that was after four years.

Lydia Emery  her dream was make business and help others who might need her help. she had small business by her own office and she will charge money  if you visit her. the theme or passage that meant the most to me in this profile is the second page on 144 the third paragraph staring" I have met people who think that if you could make a lot more money, you should." and " but I was very upset by that, because to me, medicine should be a measure of what you're doing not how much money you're making."  the reason why I choice was because that show me she didn't care about money but she care about people and people paradigm her. 

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  1. I agree with your point. I think she was a amazing person and she loves helping people even she just make little money. She was a dreamer because she want achceive her and she got supports from her family.


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