Monday, February 17, 2014

Chloe's Exploration Four

One theme that stood out to me the most was Organic production verses industrialized produced food.  Many farmers in this documentary talk about all of these deceases like ecoli and mad cow that come from industrialized farming and I am absolutely disgusted that america continues with this sort of production because it makes us more money or is more efficient. It is said that " Organic won't feed America" but that is wrong.  It is shown that a medium sized organic production verses a large scale industrialized production is way better for america and will in fact feed us.

An example of how organic farming is just as successful is shown in a farmer who has not bought or used any sort of chemicals to speed up nature in 50 years. He says how they constantly graze the field and keep the chickens together but keep other animals out. by doing this he is getting way more money for his products then the farmer down the street who is using industrialized farming.

I think a big doubt we have is about the cost of organic and if we are really getting something more out of organic food. People never want to buy organic food for the price sometimes and they settle for their cheaper industrialized food. They think they are getting a bargain but in reality they are paying for exactly what they are getting which is next to nothing. All of the industrialized foods lack nutrients that are killed out by all of the antibiotics to fasten up the process of production. With organic food you are still getting all of your nutrients that are supposed to be in the food. " There is no such thing as cheap food, you are paying for it one way or another" When you think about it he is right and for myself I would rather being paying more for organic food and get what i want out of it then to pay .79 cents for watered down celery with no nutrients.  I want to eat to get something out of it.

From now on when I'm in the produce section or buying meet I will be thinking of this video and how the animals are treated and how the crops are grown. I choose to buy organic for the way its produced and for what it contains in it. I think this is something that we can all do and be conscious of. I for one do not want to be eating an animal that is being fed its dead species. These are the kind of things america needs to know and understand in order to change the way of production and way of farming.

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