Thursday, February 20, 2014

Aziz Hamid Exploration 5

Matt Kennedy
Director, Coney Island Chamber of Commerce
Brooklyn, New York

In the photo Matt Kennedy is posed behind the Cyclone roller coaster, in Coney Island. In the picture you can see it cost $3.00 to ride the roller coaster. I also notice this picture was taken, on a sunny and nice day. The sunlight is beaming through the windows. Also Kennedy has on a nice flannel shirt and a hat on. This picture gives a good mood.

I feel this person represents the theme of creativity by he still love his job as executive secretary of the Coney Island Chamber of Commerce. He sees Coney Island different than the public. He maintenance the roller coaster the Cyclone
I think If Kennedy wants to live his life the way he wants to, he has to have some help and keep Coney Island amusement park maintained and clean. He needs to keep high hopes for Coney Island and don't give up.

Kennedy is more of a visionary.  He lived in Coney Island all his life. During his life time, he seen how the great amusement park, Coney Island transformed from being the best, amusement park into a worn, poorly maintained amusement park in a bad neighborhood. Although many people see Coney Island as a childish amusement park, Kennedy sees it a place wish tradition and value. This is why I would describe Kennedy more as a visionary because he does not focus on the empty parking lot, the rides and lights but he sees something better. 

The passage that means the most to me is “When you’re born with sand in your shoes, it remains with you as long as you live. I guess I’ll always have sand in my shoes” This quote has a lot of meaning behind it.  Coney Island is located on a beach, where there is a lot of sand. Kennedy was born on Coney Island and spent most of his time on the sand and he will always sand in his shoes. 


  1. Matt Kennedy make a lot of money. he spent a lot time to his business.
    and also Coney Island is cost $3.00 per person

  2. I really like that passage you chose, it is a creative way of saying that the beach has become a part of his life ever since he was born.


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