Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration 5: Jai Patel

Dugout Dick Zimmerman
      There are a couple of pictures in Zimmerman's profile. The first picture is of him is with him sitting in his cabin that is made out of stone and mud inside. I think that the mood in the picture is happy because he seems like he's smiling. The second phone is just a picture of his ranch from the outside. The last picture is the one of him and his dog and cat with a view of the mountains. 

     Zimmerman definitely represents the theme of creativity because he transformed a cave into a ranch that people pay two dollars to rent and theres no pool  but there is a hot spring over the hill and no TV but Zimmerman does play the guitar. I would of never thought about renting a place thats made out of stone and mud with not pool or TV out to people.

    I would have to say that Zimmerman is a dreamer because he ran away from home when he was eighteen and hitchhiked his way to Idaho and had no idea what to do until he say a cave ad thought to himself that he has to have that cave and made it him home and then laster made it a business.

   The passage that I really liked was "I was born in Indiana, Run away fro home when I was eighteen . I was in Nabraska for a couple of years, the hitchhiked over here. When I saw this place I said, I'm moving in!" I really liked that passage because I think that it showed the creativity side of him and that is also showed that he is a dreamer. 



  1. I definitely agree with you on why Zimmerman represented the theme of creativity. I think it is really cool and so different that he took caves and created them into rooms that people actually stay in. I like that he was so positive. He knew people enjoyed pools and t.v., but he was positive and pointed out that there was a hot spring and he could provide entertainment. Zimmerman definitely had a creative mind!

  2. It was cool how people could rent his ranch. It was good because it was a way for some people to leave the real world and go out and explore in middle of nowhere with nothing bothering you. It was pretty cheap too.


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