Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration 5: Naman Patel

George Preston

In the story of George Preston he is standing behind his gas station. His dad bought that place for him when he was 13 years old, they bought the place for 100 dollars. George claims that he sold gas there for about 68 years. In the photo there are bunch of signs from all over the place that he had gotten or people have left behind. some of the sings also show the things that he has in his place. By having those sings it really makes his place pop in middle of nowhere. The place doesn't really look like a gas station it looks more like a garage for the cars. The mood that i think the place sets is like depressing because there is nothing really around it and its a really old place with paint chipping off and things falling apart. The photo really describes what the story is about and the photo kind of grabs you're attention making you think what the house behind him stands for him. 

George represents the theme of creativity is by holding on to things that people have left behind. He remembers all of the people have came to place and has stories for all of them. The other interesting thing about his story is that he always the things that people on the travel needed. when he first started he kept a list all of the cars that past the Lincoln Highway. To keep Georges place alive i think that he need to fix up the place and make it more modern so that more people would come. George is a great problem solver because he had everything that a person that would need when they traveled, and he had all kinds of oil for all different kinds of cars. If George made changed to his place it wouldn't be unique. 

I feel that George is more of a visionary. I think that George is visionary is because his always trying to make his place better. 

The passage that i liked from the story was "I got over fifty thousands stories of the Lincoln Highway, that's what i got. there isn't a town on the Lincoln Highway from cost to coast that i can't tell you a story about it." I liked this passaged because it shows how much he really cared about the work he did. It takes a lot of motivation to do the things he did. 


  1. My profile that I wrote about is similar to your because my guy transformed caves houses that people could rent.

  2. I would also have to agree that George is a visionary because of what he has made that gas station into. It's amazing how one can only buy a gas station for a $100 and turn it into a work of art for others to see. Also, that passage is a good one because it shows the experience that George lived while he owned that station.

  3. I really liked that passage as well, it really showed his ambition I think.


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