Thursday, February 20, 2014

chloe's exploration five - Dan Field

The black and white photo on the front of his profile is an older man wearing glasses with an open mouth smile. He is sitting at a desk holding a sign that read " Our servie is person and STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL" I notice in the backround that he has pictures hanging on the wall and one of them is a blown up certificate of marriage or a certficate to marry people I am unsure because the way the light hits it makes it hard to read. He also has a bulliten board to his left filled with note cards and pictures of people that probably has something to do with his clients and job.The picture gives feelings of excitement from Mr. Fields facial expression. He is almost leaning over the sign which makes him look like he is in your face and ready to talk to you. I think it shows that he is an outgoing and people person. To me it looks like he loves what he does.

Dan Fields repersents creativity by the way that he runs his business of matchmaking. He is energetic about it and it doesnt seem like three is ever a dull moment when your with him. He is spunky and finds happiness out of making other people happy. I think that in order to do what he does you have to be an approachable person because clients are telling him things that they might not tell someone they just met and he cant be judgemental towards them or he wouldnt be in business. I think that you would also have to be a hopeful person to your clients because if someone doesnt work out its your job to keep them hopeful too.

I think that Dan Fields is a vissionary. I say this because when you are fixing people up you have to consider their personalities and try to imagine them together. It requires a lot of realistic thinking to put two random people together and for them to last.

" She should be a model inside. Outside people change, clothes you could always buy, neighborhoods you could always move, but you didnt say the inside! the inside cannot change, the outside could be changed. You have to convince them!" I thought that this passage was really cool and very true. He is right in the end its not the outside that matters as much as the inside and that is something that a lot of people don't really consider because looks are the first thing that we see. If you dont like the inside it won't last long.  I think it shows that he cares about his clients and the outcomes of his set ups if he wants to teach them that.


  1. I think it pretty cool that he runs a matchmaking business.

  2. I really liked that profile. it was very interesting. its an inspirational profile and i wonder if his children run the business now.


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