Thursday, February 20, 2014

marie coombs by sudi

Marie Coombs was a new paper editor in Saguacher Colorado. in the book holding on the profile picture of Marie Coombs is her Marie setting on a Room full of Paper any one can tell that she is a newspaper editor. what i see that picture i know rest that she is a newspaper editor beocuose thethe place that she is setting.  it looks like that she is serouse about the work that does she looks busy in the picture. One other think that i know rest in the picture is that she is sitting next to paper that say newspapers. My feeling of this profile picture is that she is a really strong person that is really into her work.

I feel that Marie Coombs represents the theme of creativity becpuse she is really into work since she was young. I really dont think that Coombs need to have any problem sovling the skills that she may want to live her life. she said that they never missed a deadline even her husbands death. it looks like that Coombs is holding on the newspaper editoring terdetion from her father.
I think Marie Coombs is more like a Visionary bcouse she is more into the newspaper editoring that she does and she was doing since she was young.

One of my favorite passages about Marie Coombs profile is that " i told dean that first we finish the paper , then we'll make the funeral arrangement". I liked that passage becouse it show me that if she loses her husband that she does not wann lose her work, that she was working on since she was young.


  1. I think Marie she is strong woman and she do a lot work.

  2. yes, she's worked from very young age. She still works in old age. She is a punctuality person so she never missed any deadline even her husband's death.

  3. she,s hard working and honesty to her self

  4. i known right she was he honesty woman who knowns what she wants.


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