Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration #5- Anne

Z. L. Hill

I think that the photo shown of Z. L. Hill is almost misleading.  I think that the picture shown of her makes her look like a very serious, intimidating person, but we find out in her profile, how sweet and caring of a person she is, and how many people she has helped in her lifetime at one time or another.

I think Z. L. Hill represents the theme of creativity well because of the way that she interacts with the people that stay at Riverside Hotel.  She says, "Everyone calls me Momma. "Momma! Momma! Momma!" If I sit on the they be hollerin', "Hey, Momma!" I say, "Hey my sugars! Hey ya'll!""  I think just the fact that her customers call her Momma is interesting, and it shows how much they need her.  In her profile she also talks about how if she has something to eat, she gives her people some of her food.  She also washes her customers clothes for them, and has them ready in the morning.  The care alone that she provides to her friends staying at the hotel represents the theme of creativity.

I would say that Z. L. Hill is a both visionary and a dreamer.  I think that that she is both a dreamer and visionary because of the way that she bought the hospital.  She says that she didn't like it when she saw it, and she didn't like the location.  I think that she had a dream that she could make the place something special, and she had visions of turning it into a hotel, and she bought it even though she barely had any money.

One of the passages that I really enjoyed from this profile was the last paragraph.  It says, "A lot of history been right here at Riverside Hotel.  But I'm just the caretaker, understand?  The Riverside belong to the people.  I tell you which way to go and what to do, but Bessie Smith made this her home.  She died for this to be their home.  Bessie Smith was an engineer, and I'm just ridin' on the train!"  I specifically liked this passage because it shows how much she cares about the people that stay at her hotel, and I think it shows that she runs it more for them than she does for herself.


  1. I agree when you saying Hills' picture is very misleading. She does not come off as a serious person. She enjoys what she does and is not shown that well in the picture. I like the passage you picked also because it sums up what the whole story is about. The Riverside Hotel has a lot of history behind it because what has all happened there.

  2. I would also say the she is both a visionary and a dreamer because of what she had done with the hospital. She must of had a vision for the hospital when she saw it, and eventually she turned it into a hotel.

  3. i like all the customers call her momma. that's very nice.

  4. I agree with you about the picture and that it is misleading. She seems so rough and not that nice of a person so it shocked me to listen to her story and see that she was a care taker of people who came to stay with her.


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