Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exploration 4

The video we watched in the class was really interested and I really enjoyed I have learnt so many

things which I didn't know and I have seen a lot difference vegetables in farm. In the documentary

is talking about fresh foods and there's people knows where they can get there foods, and  they  were

also provide water electricity, equipment and all other supplies.they were really taking care of there grass so

there animal will not get sick. there  was thousand of chicken in the big industry but the farm owner was

treated the chicken badly and he was throwing the chicken  on the flour, the hardest part of the farm was

chicken  they eat what come from the farm it was very many chicken in the industry.they feel good about

how they raise there animal, they even learn how to eat health food. they were enplaning everything people

who visit there farm, they don't use  any chemical to anything there doing  a farm has  huge expansive like sit

heavy machines equipment

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