Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Mike: Interview Reflection. Please post your Comment


Hope your interviews went really well  Please write a short reflection about your interview in the Comments section of this post.  That way we can see everyone's Comments on one place under this post.

1)  How do you feel about the interview now that you are done?  What went well?  What challenges did you face?
2)  Have you started your transcripts?  How many hours of work do you estimate it is going to take you to finish the transcripts?
3)  What themes (for example: goals and dreames, family, work, creativity, sacrifice, etc.) stood out to you as most interesting in the interview?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Exploration 5

Dugout Dick Zimmerman is the proprietor of the Dugout Ranch located in South of Salmon, Idaho. His photo for his profile is of him sitting on a worn out car chair and there is a table in the background made from unevenly cut wood that was made by Zimmerman. His clothes are very worn out and so are his hands from all of the vigorous work he does. The mood of the picture to me is kind of sad, Zimmerman isnt smiling and he looks lonely. His profile picture reveals that he is a hard worker. Zimmerman definitely represents the theme of creativity because of how he created his hotel. He would mine a spot on the side of the mountain and once he got all of the precious metals out he would then convert the cave into a 'hotel room'. He would make the furniture out of scrap from a nearby junk yard and he would then seal the entranceway with rock and mud. The door was made from scrap wood and the widows made from a car windshield. The rooms also have old school bus seats for couches. Zimmerman needs survival skills to live the way he does and carpentry skills to build the rooms. I think Zimmerman is a visionary person because most people wouldnt have the same vision for an empty cave the same way Zimmerman did. The passage I chose was the bottom of 140 "When I saw the place I said, 'im moving in!' and I did, just like that." I liked this passage because at the age of 18 he had a vision of living out in the wild and he did just that without hesitating. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exploration 5 Christian

Leslie Kornfield and Joe Erber are two men that I read about in this profile. Kornfield and Erber are both active members of a synagogue. My first impression based on the photo was that one of the men seemed very open and welcoming, while the other seemed a bit intimidating. I also noticed that they appeared to be in some kind of house of prayer, as the men  both held up the Tenakh (Jewish Bible). My initial reaction was a feeling of sadness, it looks as though both men are upset, but still with a bit of optimism. I believe that a photo can reveal a lot about a person, I feel as though my description of Kornfield and Erber, rings true because Kornfield is the active president of the synagogue and while Erber is the acting Rabbi of the church, and is also a auxiliary poilce officer.

I think that Kornfield represents the theme of creativity because despite the fact that the Jewish community has dwindled to almost nothing in a small town of Greenwood, Mississippi he continues to keep the Orthodox Synagogue in service. It takes a lot of guts to keep his dream alive of one day replenishing the Jewish community and continuing his practice at the synagogue. Kornfield and Erber both pray that one day more Jewish families will move down there.

I believe that Kornfield and Eber are both classified as a visionaries. I think that they both are visionaries because, ever since Kornfield and Eber were children they were surrounded by the Jewish faith, and their traditions as kids lead them to become the people they are today. The Jewish community once formed the backbone of the merchant class in the 1930's, soon after young Jewish people began leaving, opting to larger cities. Despite the huge migration of the Jewish people from small towns to the more industrialized cities, Kornfield and Eber both held true to their Jewish background and stayed in Greenwood to run their own small business, and even become a auxiliary police officer. What I find to be most interesting and humbling is that, although the Jewish community has withered to nearly nothing, Kornfield decides to take charge and continue on his practices at the synagogue. I also find it brave that Eber steps up to be the Acting Rabbi. It takes a lot of bravery to step up to these positions, knowing that the Jewish community has drastically declined and faded.

I think that the theme of this profile is to always hold true to your culture and traditions despite what others may tell you to do. I think that Kornfield and Eber exemplifies this theme well because they never let go of what their beliefs and dreams. My favorite passage is "I don't lead a perfect Jewish life by any means, but the shul has always been there. It's just a part of my life. To lose it would be just like losing a member of my family-I can't put it any other way" (106). I really like this quote because it illustrates their love and passion for the shul (synagogue). It is neat to think that Kornfielf and Eber can still have so much passion for the shul even though their cultures in Greenwood has diminished.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Exploation 5

1. Moreese bickham is one person that  I read about in this profile, this picture was taking on feb 1990 the place was taking in this picture was louisian state prison and it was also largest prision in the nation
he spend his life behind the bar and he was really worried about everything  "he fell from death row in 1973"
pondering of what happen to him he sitting quite over his bed there,s no to communicate.

2.he killed two office and he wanted to defend him self  I like when he said " just one a 'them things i don't understand if i knew what was going to happen, I could have avoided it. on page 35. he  didn't created any problem or solver any problem accept he get out of the prison when he become old.

3. he,s someone who is very strong and have more confident with him self

4.one of my favorite passages i like about morees bickham, "My crime is murder of two white deputies in mandeville.i was in dance hall with my common -low wife.the reason i like is he had argument with his wife and two deputies come to his wife and they told they will arrest her so i like the way he defend his wife.

Exploration 5

Hallie Stillwell

The photo is taken with Hallie Stillwell and a newlywed’s couple in this profile where Mrs. Stillwell is invited to a Holy Matrimony of John Hoyt and Shelley Mesa. They consider it the most intimate of human relationships, a gift from God, and a sacred institution. This shows the romance between them where they both getting married. Mrs. Stillwell is standing with them to give wishes and congratulation to them. It’s a happy and joyful moment which revolves around them. You can see it in the faces of Stillwell, pleased with her after officiating at the wedding.

She is now ninety six years old. After her husband's death she’s struggled lot and for a single widow woman it’s a challenging to face difficult situations. But she faced all problems and later she became a justice of the peace for Brewster County. Before that she's a teacher and also writes a weekly gossip column for local alpine avalanche.

I think she is more visionary. Because she taught school, wrote columns for Texas newspapers, traveled as a lecturer and served as a justice of the peace. Hallie Stillwell has been a teacher, a cowgirl, a newspaper columnist, a storekeeper and a justice of the peace. There's one thing she's never done: Sit and do nothing.

In my active reading i like the passage#2 where she introduces her career started and her marriage she explains that her career started with a teacher. And after 2 years of her job she married a guy named Roy who is cowboy. The hands, miffed enough at being displaced to the barn, were not about to let a woman meddle in the manly work of cowboy cooking.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration Five: Amal


This is Mariano and Clara Lucca. It is a photo showing a section of their Museum in 1993.  Mariano does really have passion for the history of Christopher Columbus and Isabel. In the book he simply states that “I’m the one that made Columbus Day a national holiday, understand?” He is holding on to the family tradition that his father passed on to him. He is remarkably smart and knows so much about the history of Christopher Columbus. He also states that the Universities offer him lots of money for the ship in the museum and he simply denied giving it to them. Because it holds so much memories for him and he also spend a good amount of money on the paintings. I would say that the mood for this image appreciation. He stood up for what he believed in and made a difference when no one else would. What this really reveals about the subject is that he is a very passionate and determined human being, who appreciates history.
I personally feel as if Mariano and Clara represented the theme of creativity in a truly unique way. Because not everyone does this kind of thing: where you have a museum right in your living room. I guess since they don’t really want to sell their museum or artifacts, a good way to really fix that problem of people coming to ask them to sell the artifacts is to finally make a statement that he will never sell his precious Museum.
For Mariano and his wife Clara Lucca, I would say they are eccentric because the way they do certain things is unique, different and wealthy of history. I chose eccentric because I don’t really think that there are a lot of people in this whole world who do the things they do.
A passage that really meant a lot to in his profile is on Page 165, where Mariano says “There’s gonna be a national holiday in the United States for Queen Isabel”. It shows how determine he really is.  When I was reading this profile, I grew quite fond of it because it’s something new. I have never really heard of someone doing something like this.