Monday, February 24, 2014

Exploration 5

Dugout Dick Zimmerman is the proprietor of the Dugout Ranch located in South of Salmon, Idaho. His photo for his profile is of him sitting on a worn out car chair and there is a table in the background made from unevenly cut wood that was made by Zimmerman. His clothes are very worn out and so are his hands from all of the vigorous work he does. The mood of the picture to me is kind of sad, Zimmerman isnt smiling and he looks lonely. His profile picture reveals that he is a hard worker. Zimmerman definitely represents the theme of creativity because of how he created his hotel. He would mine a spot on the side of the mountain and once he got all of the precious metals out he would then convert the cave into a 'hotel room'. He would make the furniture out of scrap from a nearby junk yard and he would then seal the entranceway with rock and mud. The door was made from scrap wood and the widows made from a car windshield. The rooms also have old school bus seats for couches. Zimmerman needs survival skills to live the way he does and carpentry skills to build the rooms. I think Zimmerman is a visionary person because most people wouldnt have the same vision for an empty cave the same way Zimmerman did. The passage I chose was the bottom of 140 "When I saw the place I said, 'im moving in!' and I did, just like that." I liked this passage because at the age of 18 he had a vision of living out in the wild and he did just that without hesitating. 

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  1. I actually think we as a society have a strange relationship sometimes with solitude. We have a need to get away, slow down and spend time with nature, God, ourselves, etc. but when it comes down to it, for many people silence and solitude makes us uncomfortable. Even silence in a room without a radio or TV can be disturbing to some people! Dick shows us the importance of solitude and I think being creative and having time to think are really linked. Good post, Jake.


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