Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exploration Three: Amal

Exploration Three
One specific food that means the most to me and is something that I really look forward to eating is a Samosa. It really does brighten the day for me, because usually Samosas are eaten during the holy month of Ramadan. It brings happy memories when we have it on an occasion other than the holy month. A Samosa is a triangular spicy pastry fried in ghee or oil, containing spiced vegetables or meat. For my family we don’t really put as many vegetables as we do meat. It doesn’t take that long to make but it is kind of messy.  The thing that makes it soo good and better is hot sauce. it really does take it to another level.

The kinds of food that is really special to my family’s tradition is what we call Chapatti and beef soup. It isn’t an important religious thing than it is a family tradition. It is usually served to the elders because of their health. It’s kind of medicine to them. But to me it really makes you full. Chapatti is a thin pancake of unleavened whole-grain bread cooked on a griddle. My mother is the really talented cooker in the whole family. She even dropped out of school because she really determined to be a house wife. 


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