Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exploration Three

This specific food is call New Year Cake and we also called "Nian Gao" in Chinese.  It very popular food that most Chinese families served in New Year Eve.  My grandma knows how to make a delicious Nian Gao.  On the day of New Year eve, she will prepares a lot of delicious foods for our New Year dinner.  She will use the rice and flours to make the Nian Gao.  When she put the cake in the pot and she will pot the pot in the steamer.  After 10 minute, she will spread the dry fruits, red bean, and peanuts on top of the cake.  It will take 30 min to finish.  The Nian Gao is very important in Chinese culture because it represents the celebration of Chinese New Year. Most families will watch the New Year show while they eat Nian Gao.  We only eat Nian Gao in Chinese New Year.       


  1. it's look good. well we also make some sweets in rice flour. we also make special dishes in special days.

  2. that looks really good and something I would like to try sometime!


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