Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exploration Three - Zach

I think the food I look forward to most, would have to be a sirloin steak. First, I should mention that I am a meat eater and always have been, therefore explaining why a sirloin is my number one choice. It is simple to prepare, by adding seasonings to the steak, then marinate it, and lastly, put it on a grill, It produces a wonderful smell, which some either love or hate. For our family, a steak is always used on holidays, or to celebrate someones birthday or something important. It is almost like a victory meal. So we savor it as we eat it, and enjoy the steak because of its delicious taste, and "victorious" symbolism that goes along with it.

The sirloin itself, is the upper back part of the cow itself. It is considered the most prized meat of any part of the cow, for sales purpose, and in my opinion, I would have to agree that the sirloin is the best steak out there.
The location of the sirloin meat. And an image of a sirloin steak dinner: 


  1. I agree, steak is one of my favorite aswell.

  2. We aren't allowed to eat steak our any part of the cow because the cow is valued a lot in out culture.


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