Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration 5 - Zach

Stanley Kilarr
Record Collector

1. The photo of Kilarr has him sitting on his bed, with what looks like hundreds, maybe even a thousand, records stacked up, right next to his bed. This cluttered room is only a small representation of the rest of his house and how crowded and crammed it is with records. The picture itself, gives off a mood that is almost uncomfortable, yet Kilarr seems pretty relaxed. Overall, the picture reveals that Kilarr is an eccentric record horder, whose house is cluttered with records.

2. Kilarr's senese of creativity is in his collecting. He has records as old as Edison's 1887 cylinders, and as new (new in 1990's terms) records. Additionally, he collects a vase range of records that cover everything in his house. However, moving about his house is difficult, since stacks of records are ubiquitous. Also in the story, there is mention of an earthquake that was catastrophic to Kilarr's collection, having all the records topple over each other. Furthermore, the slightest shaking of the house, or the slightest bump into a stack of records could damage or distort Kilarr's collection.

3. I would consider Kilarr to be an eccentric mostly because of his obsession to collect a hording amount of records. Most people would agree with me that Kilarr is an eccentric because of his collection. An average person might have a few records in their collection, but Kilarr has over 9,000 records disbursed throughout his house. This would create a very uncomfortable environment for visitors because of the condensed space in his house.

4. Though Kilarr's story was short there were a few passages that stuck out to me. However, one passage in particular, on page 147, when Kilarr states, "He shrugs, with an impish smile. 'I guess it's like a drunkard, always wanting a drink." This passage stood out to be because its a good analogy of his record collecting. He collects records at the rate of a drinker always wanting to have a drink. It's like an addiction that he cannot seem to overcome, even though he has thought about stopping his collection and possibly selling it. 


  1. The one passage that you chose to share was the exact one that stuck out to me. I really like that passage because it kind of is a way of him to admitting that he has an addiction problem that really can not be stopped. I also think this passage explains why one might conclude he is eccentric. I also think it kind of explains that he is a dreamer to. It shows that his dreams of collecting all these records can not be stopped, and that he is going to do what he wants to do.

  2. I like the part where he says " i guess its like a drunkard always wanting a drink" too. I thought it was a good way of comparing how he always wants a new record.

  3. I also agree that Kilarr to be more eccentric because of his passion in collecting all of his records. I really like the passage you choose, it has a lot of meaning behind it.

  4. I agree that Kilarr is a eccentric person, I don't think that I could ever collect as many records as he did.

  5. Great profile very well written Zach! Love the passage you chose really does show why he is eccentric


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