Thursday, February 20, 2014


In this article the profile of the photo is a bounch of man playing checkers but the one that stands out is Mr Searles.

Mr Searles is really good at playing checkers.He represent the theme very will  No one can beat him except Jo Jones. One thing Mr Searles should have a sharp mind.

Mr Searles is a dreamer because he has been looking for a place for guys to play the checkers so one day he had a dream that a couple of guys up in Harlem told me o talk to the salvation Army about playing there. The next day he followed his dream and went over there and ask and they said yes.

One of the passage that stands out to is when talked about the history of the game because I didn't know this information. "The history of the game has been a mystery to a lot of us. Some f the historian among us have found that the African American played it during slavery times down in Louisiana".
And i like this quote because is so true about man "A man don't quit what he love. Love is a great thing".

"Checkers players is really a brotherhood.... like family. If there is a sickness in one of the guys family, we raise  money. If a guy gets unemployment,another guy will pay his dues". They stand by each other no matter what, they know what family is and i like that.


  1. This is my favorite profile so far. Its really surprising and also inspiring. Those men in the story really hold on to the game that was played during the civil rights and the slavery period.

  2. I like the quote that you used. I also enjoyed this profile!


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