Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exploration 4: Naman Patel

The documentary Fresh had many important topics that we human have been avoiding in our everyday life. The documentary showed the differences between Industrialization, and local farm that are all organic. The documentary talks about the present and the future, and what will happen to the economy, and the way we eat our food. There are many reason why people had make there farms industrialized, and there is also reason why people didn't go industrialized. In the documentary it shows how the animals are treated and the things that animals go through, and also the stuff that they are fed. The other main thing that they talk about in the documentary is that the animals and the nature are like a cycle, and that they need each other to survive. They talk about how cheap the food is from the industrialized farm.

One of the biggest thing that they talk about in the documentary is that the reason why some of the farmers had to make their farms "industrialized". The reason why some of the farmers had to do it because if they stayed to there old ways they wouldn't make enough money to support them selves. the other reason why some of the farmer had to do it was because the farms around them were doing it so what that meant was they would get all the business. They basically had to go with the flow. The other reason why the farmers had to choose that path was because the more production they had the more the money they would get. the downfall for going industrialized is that the farmer had no say in anything that was done on their farm and also they had to follow all the orders from the company that was providing all the stuff for the animals. The main reason why anyone choose the path was going industrialized you can feed people on a everyday bases and you were ably to make food for you're own county and also you can trade with people around the world.

There are many reason why the Organic farms are here. The main reason is that the quality of the food that come from the organic farm is unbelievable and also good for you. People that run the organic farm actually care for there animals and there are little no animals getting sick or catching a decease. The animals on the organic farm are free. "we try to create a natural environment for them" said one of the farmers. The animals on the organic farm are naturally grown and there are no chemicals that go into there meals. "its a cycle between the animals and the nature" meaning the animals take care of the grass and the nature takes car of the animals. "the cycle has to be a circle and if that breaks on one is happy". The downfall for the Organic farms are that its really hard for them to find business in this economy because everyone is look for cheap food. The other downfall is that it takes longer for them to create food and they can't produce in a bulk, and aren't able to feed the whole county.

The other main topic that the documentary talked about was how people like cheap things. One of the person in the documentary said that "As long as it tastes good, everything is all right." People enjoy cheap food is because they thing there are getting some that is good for a cheap price. There hasn't been many argument against this cheap food is because most of the people don't know what goes into there food or they refuse to know. The other reason why the cheap food is so popular is because people are always on a go and are looking for something quick to eat. That cheap food isn't always cheap because in the long run it can affect you're body in many ways like obesity, heart attacks, and many other that can change the way you live and eat forever.

In this economy all people think about is making money, and people would do anything to make that money. Like someone said in the documentary "that we should get to choose where our food come form." Food is one of the biggest thing in our life that keeps us alive and if we mess with it there are going to be problems maybe not now but in the long run there will be. The reason why we haven't change where our food comes from is because a lot of the people don't care as long as they have something to eat, and also people don't know where the food is coming from. If people knew where the food came from and how the animals are treated in the industrialized farm there would be a lot of controversy.


  1. I think so t that there would be a lot of controversy.

  2. "As long as it taste good everything is alright." is the quote that I really liked in your response. I think that quote is false because it also has to be healthy for you but the farmers don't care abut how healthy it is because they will do whatever it take to get paid. I really liked your conclusion, I think that is were your writing is the best.

  3. i really like the statement you made its true some people they don't care if this food health or not.


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