Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration 5- Jim Bishop

1.  The cover picture of this story is Bishop on top of the castle he built.  The vibe I get from this photo is a very confident and proud one.  Bishop is pictured holding his hands at his side on top of his castle, you can tell he is really proud of what he made.  It really describes Bishop well, it portrays this confident guy who does what he sets his mind to.
2. Bishop represents the theme of creativity pretty well I think, I don't know how many people would think about building a stone castle in the middle of the woods let alone taking the initiative to actually do it.  Bishop described how when he was little he was always intrigued by the woods so this probably sparked his imagination about building something in the woods.  He had to basically build the castle on his own as his father pretty much bailed on him as he didn't think it was worth building.
3.I would say he is more of a visionary/dreamer.  He knew he wanted to make something that people would visit and enjoy viewing, which is where I get the visionary part from.  He is a dreamer as well I believe because he always loved the wilderness and dreamed about living in the woods which he pretty much made his dream come true.
4. "It ain't any good unless someones here to see it, if somebody ain't getting any enjoyment out of it, then it's just a pile of rocks!"  I like this quote from the story because it shows Bishop's intention of doing something that gives the peoples enjoyment,  he's not just building it for himself, he want's it to mean something to the public, he doesn't want it to just sit there with no recognition.


  1. In the photo it was really cool how he built the whole thing. the other thing i found interesting was the dragon and the plans that he had for it.

  2. He is a visionary. His castle is open free for everyone. He love what he doing now which is very nice!


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