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Exploration #2- Anne

The person that I admire the most so far from Holding On is Geneva Tisdale.  I find her to be an admirable person because she is treated unfairly at work, and somehow, she doesn't let this bother her and still puts all of her effort into her job.  She demonstrates the theme of creativity by keeping her job no matter what they put her through while she is there working.

Something that surprised me about Scott Russel Sanders story is how much detailed information he shared.  He talked in his essay about how his family kept it a secret and about how his siblings still don't talk about it to this day, so I thought that the amount of information that he was willing to share was interesting.  I liked the passage that Sanders used to close his essay, "I took my own first drink at the age of twenty-one, half a glass of burgundy, I knew the odds of my becoming an alcoholic were four times higher than for the children of nonalcoholic fathers.  So I sipped warily.  I still do-once a week, perhaps, a glass of wine, a can of beer, nothing stronger, nothing more.  I listen for the turning of a key in my brain."  I particularly liked this passage because, although, he is more likely to become an alcoholic compared to most other people, what he says leads me to believe that this doesn't really scare him, and that he realizes that he can beat the disease.

What exactly is the grotto? and who started it?

Sanders questions for research to look into

Look into (research) the answer for the question I assign you and pick one more of your choice.  Research two questions total.  Post your answers in the Comments section below this post, and put a link for your research source or sources in your Comment.
  1. How much do Americans drink each year, and how big is this business in sales and consumers? Lomina
  2. Which alcohol products are most popular, and has this always been the case or have tastes changed?  Beer? Wine? Hard liquor? Mike
  3. How much money is spent on advertising for alcohol each year? Tong
  4. Why is the Super Bowl famous for alcohol advertising, and which commercials have garnered the most attention, whether praise or criticism? Molly
  5. About how many people struggle with addiction to alcohol? Aziz
  6. What are the main drawbacks to alcoholism in the workplace or job? What effect does it have on business profits or productivity?  Jake
  7. What are the main reasons people may choose when they abstain from drinking alcohol?  Eri
  8. What method does Alchoholics Anonymous use to help its members kick the alcohol habit? Christian
  9. What is the connection between violent crime and alchohol use? Naman
  10. What is the connection between rape and alcohol use and how many college women are raped each year in the United States? Zach
  11. What are the main reasons why people drink alcohol?  It is very popular, so it must provide benifits.  What are they? Jai
  12. How many drinks can a person have before they are too drunk to drive a car, and how many people get DUI's each year in Ohio? What are the penalties?  Gabrielle
  13. What is binge drinking?  How does it happen and where might it happen?  Amal
  14. What health benifits does drinking in moderation have?  In what ways can alcohol be good for health?
  15. What organs are most affected by the abuse of alcohol?  Sudi
  16. What do organizations like MADD do, and what is their purpose?Najima
  17. What role does peer pressure have in underage drinking? Anne
  18. What famous celebrities have had alcohol abuse problems, and how has this affected his or her career?  Find a specific example to share. Chloe.
  19. Are there religious reasons for not drinking? What are they?  Radika
  20. Some people claim young Americans drink a lot because we don't have a healthy rite of passage into adulthood or manhood or womanhood.  What is a rite of passage?  What rites of passage do other cultures have? Bosteya.

lomina bempah2

     In Holding On the person that i admire the most is Moreese Bickham, Prisoner Of Louisiana Sate Penitentiary, Angola, Louisiana. A man of surviver. Each time Bickham appeared before the pardon board, his name is not on it. He has been convicted before the civil rights movement. I admire him because he stayed strong after all the things that has happen to him.

    In Scott Russell Sander story he talks about his family legacy how they all use the same tools over and over to build this for themselves.  I like how he changes his mind about letting his daughters gerbil starve to death when he escaped but then he heard on the radio " Several thousand people had dies in a city in India from poisonous cloud that had leaked overnight form a chemical plant. A nuclear powered submarine had been launched. Authorities calculated that several thousand homeless people slept on the streets within sight of the Washington Monument" and he told hes daughter that he will set food and water by the heating vent and lure them out. He thought about how people where in need of food and water.

    I think researching about will about Moreese Bickhman will be great i would like to know more about him and what happen to him.

Exploration Two Naman Patel

The person that I admire most in Holding on is Maury Graham in "Steam Train". I admire is because i thought his story was interesting. I learned the difference between a Hobo and a Bum. I used to think that the Hobos and the Bums were the same, and all they did was beg for money. The story on Maury changed my whole view point. The thing that i realized was that Hobos actually work for food and anything that they need. They work for everything they need to survive. On the other end Bums don't really do anything and just expect things to fall in there lap. I admire Maury because he lived ice to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it no matter what happened. Also in the book it shows how different people can tell Hobos and Bums apart. In the book it says that "you can tell a hobo by the way they're dressed, and also you can tell the hobo by their conversation- usually not shady." The person demonstrates the theme of creativity is by first explaining the difference between Hobos and Bums to get things cleared. The person also tells the history of how the hobos lived in the past and the struggles they went through by moving all the time and riding the train.

The thing that Surprised me the most in Scott Russell Sanders was how open he was in talking about his after alcohol problem. The reason why he was so open about talking about it was because he wanted to get things of his mind, and also help other family that have the same problem. The others reason i think he was so open about writing the story was because trying so hard to be not like his father but he kind of ended up doing that in part of the book. I think that if he talked about how he felt and the struggles he was going to, would help him overcome that stage of his life. The important lesson that i learned was no matter how you're family member are you can't give up on them, because they need all they help they can get to get over that stage in their life. "The more he drank, the more obsessed Mother became with stopping him. She hunted for bottles, counted the cash in his wallet, sniffed at his breath." (Page 183, Paragraph 16)

A question that i would like to research is after people that have past away do their families still hold on to the stuff that they held on to?

Exploration 2

The profiled person I admired the most was Maury "Steam Train" Graham. This person stuck out to me most because the story he shared typically isn't looked at as a positive thing, but rather a negative. He shared a story about his life a hobo, but not a bum. After reading his message, he completely changed my outlook on a hobo. Before, I didn't know there was a distinction between a hobo and bum, but there certainly is. A hobo is basically a non lazy homeless person trying to find work, while a bum is a lazy homeless person trying to bum off everyone. Maury explained how the name "hobo" came to be and the standard that comes with being a "hobo". It's rather interesting. In the short narrative, Maury shared his story traveling out west looking for a better life and the railroad tracks basically being his home. He was proud of the life he lived and didn't want anything different.
That's also because he was alive during the Great Depression era and saw life as what it should be.

What surprised me the most about the story, was simply the story itself. I was shocked to learn while reading, that this was a sons experience with his alcoholic father. Sanders went into extensive detail about him and his fathers interactions and talked about his fathers addiction to his work and his alcohol problem. This really bothered Sanders, he would say things like, “I use the past tense not because he never quit drinking but because he quit living” (138). He felt that alcohol was ruining his fathers life and alcohol was a necessity over his own sons life life. He never said it directly, but it seamed like Sanders felt as if his dad carried more about his drinking and work than him. Anyone knows that this isn't a healthy way of living. This short story made me appreciate my father more and thankful that I wasn't born into a similar situation like Sanders.

A research questions that I came up with was "What is present day segregation like in the south?"

the second post

respond to holding on:  The most person I interesting on so far this book is Moreese Bickham. Morose was black man who kill two police man. He want to navy South Pacific and, he discharge. and he move Louisiana. The reason why I choice is person was because this time america had slave still. This two police man attack him in his house and he kill both of them. He want to jail in Louisain and that time he claim he was self defend but the state didn't have that rule. after he want jail he realize what he did that night. but he never give up his hop. he stay strong, but when he remember the pain he was been he hop to die that night. on page 35 on holding on "and when I get to talking about it, mind gose that night, it was just a nightmare! Oh boy. It makes me feel like it might have been batter if I killed that night than to go  through all I've been through. Man, man, man."

Scott Russell Sanders: he was felt  so guilt because his father never stop drinking. he felt his family were they lost. and somehow when his drink he became nice. accord the passage on page  (185) "the secret bores under the skin, gets in the blood, into the bone, and stays there. long after you have supposedly been cured of malaria, the fever can flare up, the tremors can shake you. So it is with the fevers of shame. You swallow the bitter quinine of know knowledge, and you learn to feel pity and compassion." what surprise me the most in this story was his father drinking became the family secret. but if you look the relate this is not secret. that is what surprise me. what I did learn  he had taught problem. he his father was alcoholics and, he felt he is helpless.

research question do you think  slaves still assize in a America?
also another research question what cost the civil war is there economy problem or free the slaves?  


Aziz Hamid Exploration 2

In Holding On I admire "Steam Train" Maury Graham the most so far in this book for many reasons. I admire him because of his pride. He is not ashamed that he is a hobo. In his profile he takes the time to explain the difference between a hobo and a bum."You go in those bum camps and you might not come out of there,'cause they'll rob you and they'll hit you in the head. But if you stay around the hoboes they'll look out for you and they'll treat you nice." pg(19)  Before I read his profile I had no idea of the difference between a hobo and a bum. I admire his hard work and determination. He spent many years traveling around the country looking for work. Maury Graham worked several hours just for breakfast and dinner. Maury Graham demonstrate the theme of creativity by describing the difference between a hobo and a bum. He gave specific examples. He talks about the different techniques hoboes use to communicate with other hoboes. For example many of the hoboes wrote little markers on a telephone post or fence with chalk. They would leaves different signs that meant if there is a good place or bad place to work.

Scott Russell Sanders shared a deep story to his son in Under the Influence:Paying the Price of My Father's Booze. What surprised me the most is after the farther collapsed and his kidneys, livers and heart stop functioning the doctors saved him. The doctors warned him that one more binge could finish him. He did not drink for 15 long years but at his retirement he decided to drink. His life was on the line and he decided to drink. "At least I imagine some such words, for that is all I can do, imagine, and I see Father's hand trembling in midair as he thinks about the fifteen sober years and about the the doctors' warning,and he tells himself , God-dammit, I am a free man, and Why can't a free man drink one beer after a lifetime of hard work?" (pg189). Another thing that surprised me was the son took his first drink when he was 21 and drinks once a week. This surprised me because the son witnessed what alcohol does to a person but he decides to drink once a week  Another thing that surprised me is the son blamed himself for his farther alcohol problems. The son had no control over his farther's addiction.

One question I have is regarding Geneva Tisdale, How did Tisdale feel when she witnessed the sit-in movement at her job as a cook at Woolworth? Another question I have is how much did African Americans get paid compared to Caucasians?

Exploration two

The person that I admire the most so far in this book would have to be "Stream Train" Maury Graham. I admire Maury because he is proud to be a Hobo. Also because of his story, He first went on the rode when he was just thirteen years old. He got into camp with old hobos that he didn't even know before. Maury demonstrates creativity by telling us about his memories he had and how much he loved being a hobo and how much fun he had. A passage that I really like would be "You go in those bum camps and you might not come out of there, cause they'll rob you and they'll hit you in the head. But if you stay around the hoboes they'll look out for you and they'll treat you nice." I really like that passage because it shows you the difference between a hobo and and a bum. Before i read that I thought a hobo and a bum were the same thing. 

Exploration Two

      The profile that I admired the most was Moreese Bickman's profile. I admired this profile because of many different reasons. One reason I admired Moreese is his strength and courage. When the deputy's were arresting his wife without even thinking he followed her and tried to get in the car. This shows that no matter what he wanted to be with his wife and his courage.Another reason on why I admired this story so much is because of how humble of a man Moreese is. He recognizes his privileges and shares how we need to understand how blessed we are.
        Moreese demonstrates creativity in his essay. Moreese holds onto the actually event that put him in jail. The vivid details Moreese gives shows that it was a life changing event and he still thinks about it daily. In addition too Moreese is holding on to the lessons this event gave him. He explains how he felt on death row and him thanking the Lord for everything he has. This represents a learning experience for him to be thankful.
         Sanders story is a very heartfelt passage in my opinion. There are many things we learn about him and about how we should act ourselves.The thing that surprised me the most when reading this passage is how he said he believes that he has failed his father. He states, "I lie there hating him, loving him, fearing him, knowing I have failed him. I tell myself he drinks to ease the ache that gnaws at his belly, an ache I must have caused by disappointing him somehow, a murderous ache I should be able to relieve by doing all my chores..." This surprises me because his father drinking is not his fault at all. I learned that you should not blame yourself for how others act. This passage shows me that I should be only concerned on how I treat others and how I am as a person.

Is there anything people are doing to make sure people are not still in jail for committing an innocent crime like Bickman?

Exploration 2

The person I admire the most so far in Holding On is probably the Hobo.  I admire the Hobo because they work for everything they have and don't expect any handouts just given to them.  They demonstrate the theme of creativity because they always have to work with what little they got, meaning they have to improvise in situations that aren't very ideal for them.

The thing that surprised me most about this story is how he was told by his doctor that if he were to drink one more beer he would die, and after 15 years of being sober, he started drinking again to celebrate his retirement, then shortly after he died.  The passage I liked the most is on page 183, where Sanders talked about living on a military reserve in Ohio and how a football could set off a mine, he then compared that to his father drinking and how one wrong thing that's said could make his father explode as well because of all the alcohol he drank, it made him very angry and he often took it out on his family.

A question that I think would be good to research would be how working conditions have improved in the the u.s now that there's equal rights for everyone.

Exploration 2

1.  According to the profile stories in the Holding On, I think Maury Graham is the person who I admire the most.  In his interview, I find out that there are difference between hobo and bums.  I felt Mr. Graham was very proud that he was the part of the hobo in his interview.  He told the readers how he became hobo because of his broken home.  His label was hobo and he work for his meal.  He didn't bug people for food because that was what bums would do.  I like his personalities.  No matter how poor he was, he always work for his life.

2.  Scoot Russell Sanders shared a very deep story of his father who was affect by alcoholism.  He felt guilty because Sanders could not stop his father's drinking.  His writing told the reader because of his father, he felt helplessness, responsibility and shame because he was the son of an alcoholic.  Because of  alcoholism, his violence action made him became a demon.  According to the quote from his essay,  "Father would pull out his belt ans swear to give us a whipping... I can see him grabbing Mother by the hair as she cowers on a chair during a nightly quarrel"(page 187).  This passage surprised me the most,  Sanders told us on the beginning of the story that he tried to understand his father because he though his father drink to ease the ache.  I couldn't understand his father's reaction.  He could be very nice when he get drank and he would kiss his children.  He also could be very violence.  I learn the alcoholism was the most harmful thing happen in Sanders's family.  They think it was a shame and they don't want share with other.  According to Sanders's story, I believe alcoholism could affect million families and it important to stay away from alcoholism.

3.  According to Geneva Tisdale's interview. does the color of the skin matter when people apply for their job back to the 1960?                  

Exploration Two

     The profiled person I admire the most so far is "Steam Train" Maury Graham. I admire Maury Graham the most because I love his story. He is so proud to be a hobo and his story kept me wanting to read more. Just from reading a short story about Maury Graham and his life, I could tell that he was satisfied with the small things in life. He was not about material goods but he cherished memories he has. I really like that about Maury because today we live in a world where many people revolve their lives around material goods instead of cherishing moments and memories with family, friends, and loved ones. Even though Maury Graham does not ride the trains anymore, he sits in his chair and is pleased because he has memories to hold onto. "Steam Train" Maury Graham demonstrates the theme of creativity because he can not let go of his memories of being a hobo. He shared with us what it was like and how hard working hoboes really are. But he shows us creativity through his memories and love of being a hobo.
     What surprised me most about Scott Russell Sanders story is that as a kid, he seemed to take the blame for his fathers disease of being an alcoholic. "I tell myself he drinks to ease the ache that gnaws at his belly, an ache I must have caused by disappointing him somehow, a murderous ache I should be able to relieve by doing all my chores, earning A's in school, winning baseball games, fixing the broken washer and the burst pipes, bringing in the money to fill his empty wallet." I think this is very surprising because as a child, he did no wrong but seeing his father the way he was, made him think it was his fault. Not only did he feel like this at the age of ten, but his son feels grief when he is sad, "He tells me that when I am gripped by sadness, he feels there must be something he can do to spring me from depression, to fix my life and that crushing sense of responsibility is exactly what I felt at the age of ten in the face of my father's drinking." I think this shows that Scott and his son both share a deep love for their father's and that they love them so much that they want to take the blame to make their father's feel better. Even though Scott is not an alcoholic like his father, Scott's son loves him so much that he wants to take away his father's bad emotions when he sees him upset. I think this story shows how powerful love is.
     What ever happened to Roberto Blackgoat's land that her and her family were living on? Does her family members still live there without problems from the government?

Exploration Two

In Holding On I admired the profile on Geneva Tisdale the most. I don't know how she put up with working at the same store for so long and getting under paid. She seemed to really love where she worked despite of the conditions and way she may have been treated sometimes. Geneva demonstrates creativity by being good at what she does and sticking by it no matter what. She just tries to enjoy life and her work. She probably doesn't know the impact she may have had on that store but i'm sure a lot of people came through there over the years that she could've effected in some way or another.

In Scott's story what most surprised me is that when he described his dad it didn't seem like he held back much even though you could tell he was ashamed and embarrassed. I think that he could've inferred a lot of the things about his dad but it was very honest of him not to for the sake of his son. From this story I learned that even though we are not the same person as a our parents that we come from them and therefor are a lot like them and can easily inherit their behaviors. Even though he didn't become and alcoholic like his father he was still addicted to putting his life into work. Things effect us more than we think that the do and its not always something we see right away.

A question I had during reading was how come so many governors wouldn't give Moreese Bickham a pardon or a trial?

Exploration 2 - Zach

1. The person I admire most in the book Holding On, would have to be Roberta Blackgoat due to her stand and revolution-like mind, in order to keep her native tribe on that land that she was born on. She was a leader, an activist and a fighter, for her Navajo tribe, so that the government would not relocate them to another piece of land. The author writes that she was arrested and harassed because of her protest for her tribe. To me, Roberta is a woman of values and tradition, and she would fight to defend those traditions. Many would flee or respond to the government's actions by obeying them, but Roberta shows that proud Native American value of holding onto what is hers and her tribes. She is preserving the very foundation of which her tribe was founded, and that history and tradition, is what she is holding onto.
2. In the story that Scott Russell Sanders wrote, he goes into full detail about his fathers alcoholism and how that affected him and his family while he was growing up. However, at the end of his writing, Sanders stated that he was guilt ridden by what had happen to his father, so he himself starts to pick up drinking to drown his sadness and guilt. This was surprising to me, because it showed almost like a repeat of what his father did. Almost like he was becoming his father. He used the analogy of "the turning of a key in his brain," to represent his fathers state from soberness to drunkenness. Similarly, at the very end Sanders wrote, " I took my own first drink at the age of twenty-one...I knew the odds of my becoming an alcoholic were four times higher than for the children of nonalcoholic fathers. So I sipped warily. I still do - once a week...I listen for the turning of a key in my brain" (191). Here Sanders writes that he feels the exact same process that his father did. He is running the chance of becoming an  alcoholic. From this I learned that many sons, act similarly as there fathers do, when it comes to drinking.
3. A question I have come up with would have to be more tailored towards pastors, being: "What is it like to be a minister or be in a part of a ministry for others?"

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I am Radhika and I am from India. I born and studied in a small Village in India. In 2011 I came to the United States after my 12th exam which is called Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha (a state of India and I am from Odisha state). I currently major in Nursing. Honestly I feel proud that I got a chance to study here in USA.I speak three languages and English is my second language. I love to learn new things in life and help to others.

 "If, by some miracle, I emerge alive, I will devote my life to testifying on behalf of those whose shadow will fall on mine forever and ever." This is a direct quote from the essay Why I Write: Making No Become Yes by Elie Wiesel. This is compare to experience during Holocaust with the rest of his life. One thing I like in this essay is that he uses some words that represent a change or shift in tone. Some of these words are of course, while, and of course.

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first post

  Hallo class my name is Najima Anot. I born in Kenya, but I'm original from Somalia. Located East Africa. I have four brothers and five sisters. Their names is Abdinajib, Najah, Abdirahman, Najad, Nawal, Abdinur, Nasteeho, Nimqo, Abshir, Fartuun. I came to United State on 2004. I stared six grade. I graduate high school on 2012. This is my third  semester at The Ohio State University. I'm studying nursing. The fun fact  unique  about me is I speak four language. My first one is Somali, second one is Swahili, Arabia , English.

The most interesting I find Frederick Douglas  his essay was he want to all the people are equal. that  was his hop. Also the another things I interesting about him  was he learn alphabet when he was twelve years old. Also his father was white man. And always he called his father master. Douglas his first wife was black and second wife was white. when people asked him why you marriage white woman. He "said" my first wife she same is color with  my mom and second one she is same  color  with my dad.


Amal Osman

My name is Amal Osman. I have five siblings including me. I am the Middle child, which is sometimes not easy. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and move here November 26, 2006.  My native language is Swahili but even though I don't speak Somali I understand it very well. I currently live with my grandma. My parents decided to stay back in Africa. I haven't seen them for almost seven years now. My favorite color is green because it is the color of nature. I especially love the color green because of grass. For a long time, I grew up in places with four or five inches of grass. But the most important reason as to why I love the color green is mainly because since we owned lots of farm animals it made it to let them to just stay close to the shed and eat glass. Something unique about me is that I have ridden a camel about ten times in my life time.
Something that struck to me as important in the book Essay Connection Today was the essay by Elie Wiesel, “Why I Write: Making No Become Yes”. It was the will to stand up and tell the world that even though those who have already died and left this world aren’t really to be forgotten. “The fear of forgetting remains the main obsession of all those who have passed through the universe of the damned” Wiesel pg.24. Just reading that part of the easy made it very important, because in today’s world that is true. People forget really fast of the past and history behind things. So I guess he felt like he should be one to remember and write about the past and those who are forgotten. Even though he really doesn’t like the idea of doing it.  

Jai's First post

     My names Jai Patel and I'm 18 years old and I'm from Columbus Ohio. I recently graduated from Hilliard Darby highs school. I played volleyball all through high school. I currently work at Best Buy in Dublin. On my free timeI love watching and playing basketball and volleyball. I'm a big Lebron James fan. Some fun fact about me are that every time the Heat come to the Quicken Loans Area I always go watch them play the Cavaliers. I go Florida at least once a year. Another fun fact is that I am a State Volleyball Champion my senior year but I had to miss the Championship ship Because of a illness.

     From the Essay Connection one quote that I thought was interesting would have to be in the story called "Resurrection" by Fredrick Dougless when he said " From the crown of my head to my feet, I was covered with blood. My hair was all clotted with dust and blood; my shirt was stiff with blood. My legs and feet were torn in sundry places with briers and thorns, were also covered in blood." I thought this was interesting because I the way he described it I thought was pretty cool because he really went into detail about it and it painted a picture in my head.

Christian's First Blog Post

     Hi my name is Christian Lui, I come from a family of eight, with four older sisters, and my  golden retriever; Rocky. I am a former student of Dublin Coffman High School, and I plan of majoring in civil engineering. I have lived in Columbus my whole life, however my family loves to travel. I have been all across the world, some of my favorite places that I've been too are the Philippines, Australia, and Thailand.  It was great to see how drastically different the environment is across the globe. I'd say that this is a family hobby we do every summer, and I'm very grateful to have these opportunities .

     The narrative; Resurrection from the Essay Connection Douglas states "This battle with Mr. Covey was the turning-point in my career as a slave. It rekindled the few expiring embers of freedom, and revived within me a sense of my own manhood" (91). I found this to be extremely enlightening due to the fact that Douglas was a slave. To see Douglas gain the confidence that he did from such a demoralizing life, teaches me that no matter what, always fight for what you believe in. This piece stood out to me especially because of the descriptive figurative language. For Douglas, this must have been  one of the greatest moments in his life to know that he earned the respect of his master and resurrected himself into a new man.

Naman's First Blog

My name is Naman and i have lived in the United States for about 12 years now. I moved to United States when i was nine years old. I recently graduated from Worthington Kilbourne high school. I played basketball my freshman year of high school. I have one older brother that goes to OSU. I love watching basketball and football in my free time. Im a big Tom Brady and LeBron fan. I am a very outgoing person, and also easy to get along with. One interesting fact about me is that i was born in India, and also English is my second language. I work hard at everything i do. Family and School come before everything in my life.

From the Essay Connection the story of Frederick Douglass "Resurrection" the quote that i found was important to me was "This battle with Mr. Covey was the turning-point in my career as a slave. It Rekindled the Few expiring embrace of freedom, and revived within me a sense of my own manhood." i think this was a really important was because this really changed his life and he aaas a free man. After fighting with the man for two hours he deserves a lot of credit and Mr. Covey showed him the respect. This was a new beginning in his life because he didn't have to fallow any orders and can do what he really wants. 

First Blog Post

My name is Molly Black and I am a freshman. I went to Bishop Watterson for high school. My favorite class at Bishop Watterson was my American Minorities class because of my teacher. My hobbies include hanging out with my friends and running.I have had the same favorite color since I was little which is baby blue. I have two chihuahuas. My dogs are Penelope Rose who is four months old and the others name is Chica and she is six. My favorite place to travel is Cayman Islands because of the crystal blue water.  My fun fact is that I saw Queen Latifah in New York City getting breakfast but she would not take a picture with me because she said it was too early in morning.
"For there comes a time when only those who do not believe in God will not cry out to him in wrath and anguish." I think this is important part of the passage because of many reasons. One being that humans tend to blame things on someone else rather then themselves if something is not going their way. It shows that we should also in the next paragraph not judge those who blame others because we all blame someone at some point. I believe this essay tells us many different things that we should learn from. Wiesel tells us that everything we do is significant even if we do not think so. In addition too Wiesel tells us that it is important not to forget those who have died and that it is important to tell their story.

Gabrielle's First Blog Post

   My name is Gabrielle Frantz and I am a freshman. I went to Bishop Watterson for 3 years and then transferred to Dublin Coffman for my senior year. A fun fact about me is that I went to Oregon a few summers ago to visit family and I went to a bunch of the spots where Twilight was filmed. I have two dogs and I am obsessed with one of them because she is super fluffy and crazy. Lastly, my best friend is in this English class and her name is Molly Anne Black. I have been best friends with her since I was three months old.
   A quote that stuck out to me from Why I Write: Making No Become Yes was, "I owe them my roots and my memory. I am duty-bound to serve as their emissary, transmitting in the history of their disappearence, even if it disturbs, even if it brings pain." This quote from Elie Wiesel stuck out to me because he wants to tell the stories of the dead and the Holocaust because it is now just a story for people to hear but a memory for him. Just like we discussed in class, there are people who do not believe the Holocaust actually happened. Instead of letting people believe that, Elie focuses on the importance of honoring those who passed away and wants people to have respect for them too. I think Elie is a very strong and courageous man.

Lomina Bempah

Hi My name is Lomina and I love to play softball and soccer. I'm from Ghana, Africa. Move here about 5 years ago. Something unique about me is that I'm a gym girl. On my free time I play video games with my brothers. I like to eat a lot, I'm not picky. I love  the color pink a lot. Thinking about painting my car pink. I'm very funny and quite. I love to try something new everyday with my best friend so we don't get bored. Im studying to be a Physical Therapy..
" I could go no further. I fell down and lay for a considerable time. The blood was yet oozing from the wound on my head. For a time I thought I should bleed to death."The two things liked reading this book was how Douglass took back her freedom. And also how he survived when he was bleeding in the woods.

Jakes life story as told by Jake

Hello class my legal name is Jacob McCluskey but my street name is Jake. I am 19 years old and originate from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a big fan and supporter of the Cincinnati Bengals, except Andy Dalton. I love long walks on the beach, listening to 700 WLW the big one, and boxing. A fun fact about me is that my dad and I have matching tattoos on our ribs, it is the outline of Ohio with the years we wont state inside Ohio.

  "Two down. I felt powerful, capable. I could handle whatever came to me" (Hall pg 119). I chose this indirect report because she said this after she had just been told from her best friend that she slept with her husband. When she went to go confront her husband her told her to "Fuck off". The quote showed how tough she was and how good of a mother she was by keeping calm around the kids so they wouldnt be alarmed. She continued with the party because her kids had just made her surprise presents and she didnt want to disappoint them.

Aziz Hamid First Blog

      Hi my name is Abdulaziz Hamid but I go by Aziz. I was originally born in Kenya. I lived in Boston, Massachusetts for a couple of years and  now I  live in Hilliard, OH. I went from living in a big city to living in a suburb. I plan to major in Neuroscience. I love learning about the brain functions and behavior. I find this very interesting and fun. My favorite subjects are  science and math. My favorite sport is soccer. A fun fact about me is I speak 3 different languages including English, Barawa, Somali, and I took 4 years of Spanish in high school.

      In English 1110.03 I have already read a couple passages from the The Essay Connection. My favorite short story would have to be Resurrection. "This battle with Mr Covey was the turning point in my career as a slave. It rekindled the few expiring embers of freedom, and revised within me a sense of my own manhood" pg(91). Basically this quote means that Frederick Douglass in his mind and heart he is not a slave anymore. I choose this quote because it very heart touching. This essay is about a slave named Frederick Douglass fighting back with his slave owner Mr.Covey and eventually escaping and becoming free. This was a very good written essay. I love learning about Frederick Douglass, he was a very influential person.


Iam bosteya dahir  my parent are originated  from Somalia,  they came Kenya while they were young but I was born in Kenya I came here in United state on 2009 and I didn't see  parent and some of my sibling for five years I have ten sibling 6 girls and 4 boys I came here with my elder sister I left my parent in Africa and I have lived Nashville TN for couple years and I moved  in Ohio  at the beginning of 2012  my home town is columbus what I like to do for fun i like hangout with my friends and my unique things to is to play a game called Road riot. This is my second year at ohio state and iam plan on studying nursing I graudated from Muslim girls high school in back home Nairobi Kenya  I do speak four difference language  Somali Kiswahili English and Arabic.

What I like about eassy connection why I write  making no becomes  yes,  I write to understand as much as to be understood on page 117. and the other one I like to share with you is Frederick Douglass he was the first African American who attend the human rights.


My name is Eri Tahiraj, I am 18 years old.  This is my freshmen year of college and I plan on studying International Business.  I graduated from Hilliard Davidson high school.  I played soccer there all 4 years.  I was born in Tirana, Albania and moved to the U.S.A when I was eight.  Something about me is that I love cooking.  A fun fact about myself is that I am fluent in three other languages, Albanian, Italian, and Greek.

"Two down, I felt powerful, capable, I could handle whatever came to me" This quote really says a lot about this story.  She had caught her husband cheating and it really describes how she was feeling at the moment.  She used her husband cheating as motivation to butcher the chickens, it was kind of like an adrenaline rush for her.  The killing of the chickens is probably the most important part of the story but there was so much anger in her life that killing the chickens probably helped her release some of that anger.

Zach's Intorduction

My name is Zach Nappi, and I hail from Ostrander Ohio. I am currently majoring in Public Affairs with a possible double major in Business. I plan to get a career as a manager or consultant for a non-profit organization. I would like to do as much as I can to help people, mostly because of my Christian background. I am currently involved in several groups at my church, including helping middle school aged kids with their faith, as well as college group for learning more about our faith. For fun, I enjoy kayaking, hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Every year I go out to Washington and hike Mount Rainier, and explore the country side. One of my life plans is to see all 57 National Parks.I am also fascinated with history. Especially, the history of warfare and of American History in general. But the Civil War and the events of WWII have to be the two wars I know most about. 

From the Essay Connection, Wiesel quotes, "I am duty-bound to serve as their emissary, transmitting the history of their disappearance, even if it disturbs, even if it brings pain" (17). This stuck to me because of the importance and suffering that this man had to endure while composing and writing about the most dramatic and genocidal event in human history. Not many people, aside from the ones who lived through it and survived, can be brave enough to write about such a heart-piercing time in our history. For Wiesel, he feels that he is determined, whether by God, or to remember those who were lost, to write about theses horrific events and sufferings of the thousands he saw die. So he says that it his is duty to transmit the history of their disappearance so that they never be forgot and that this many never be repeated.
Attempting stand-up comedy...

Anne's First Post

My name is Anne Cooper and I am from Worthington, Ohio.  Right now my major is undecided, but I am thinking early childhood education.  My favorite thing to do in my free time is to spend time with my family and friends.  I also work at Sweet & Sassy in the Polaris mall which I really enjoy.  I also enjoy traveling whenever I get the chance to.

I particularly enjoyed the essay, "Killing Chickens," because I thought that the story was different and interesting.  I liked the quote "Our old house smelled good, of wood and the pancakes the three of us has eaten this morning, in that other world of hope and tight determination before Ashley's phone call.  We lived on a ridge high over the the mouth of the Damariscotta River on the coast of Maine.  From our beds, the ocean to the edge of the Old World."  I specifically liked this quote because it painted a picture in my head of exactly the way that their house looked, where it was, and how it smelled.

Tong's First Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Tong and I'm from China.  I moved to United State about 7 years ago with my family.  I came from a little village that located in the southeast China.  I can speak 3 different kind language such as Chinese, English, and Fuzhou Dialogue.  I love shopping and hanging out with my best friend.  Some fun facts about me is that I went to three different high schools and I always plan to travel.  I have a lot of friends who came from different countries and we always plan to travel. 

I think the essay "Why I Write: Making No Become Yes" is a powerful writing that refresh our memory of Holocaust.  "A soldier shrugs his shoulders, and a thousand families are torn apart, to be reunited only by death.  This was the concentration camp language.  It negated all other language and took its the reader be brought to the other side"(page 17).  The quote from the essay is very expressive.  Most Jews killed in Holocaust and the Jewish families are torn apart.  They were facing the death in front of the fire.  Wiesel's writing tells the readers that there are no words can't really explain but he uses words to refresh the readers' memories.  He tells the reader that he will never forget the dead and he want the reader remember the victims from oblivion.     

My friend Winnie got me the Disney hair accessory from Florida and I always want travel to Florida. 

First Blog

Hello, my name is Mike Watkins and I am nineteen years old. I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina and lived there until I was 10 years old. I then moved to Mason, Ohio and lived there until I was 14. My final move was to Lewis Center, Ohio and this is where I currently live. I attend Olentangy High School all four years. During my time at Olentangy I played Football and Baseball. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and relaxing. I have pet dog named Ryle and I would consider her to be my best friend.

"I must go with him into another part of the woods, where there was a certain root, which, if I would take some of it with me, carrying it always on my right side, would render it impossible for Mr. Covey, or any other white man, to whip me." This quote was taken from the short story "Resurrection", where it takes you into the slave life of Fredrick Douglass. Overall I thought this was a very good story and it showed the hardships of slavery.The writing  was phenomenal and I would highly recommend reading . I thought the above quote was interesting because even after reading the story, I still wasn't entirely sure what this "root" actually was or symbolized. The root itselft appeared to give Fredrick Douglass the courage to stand up to Mr. Covey and fight for his dignity.

Chloe's First Blog

Hello my name is chloe and I am a freshman. I was born in New York but moved to Dublin ohio when I was in 7th grade. I graduated from Dublin Scioto High School. I never did any sports but I did cheer up until my Senior year of high school. In my free time I am usually at one of my two part time jobs that I have or at a food pantry in downtown columbus that I serve at every week. I work at Palm beach tan and I also am a nanny three days a week for a two year old boy. I really like my cat Rupert. I also enjoy reading, knitting and listening to music. Some of my favorite artists are Radiohead, Death cab for cutie, John Mayer and The Avett Brothers. Something interesting about me is that I was home schooled until 3d grade.

One thing that stuck out to me in one of our readings Why I Write: Making No Become Yes is that Elie Wiesel pursued what people told him not to because they didn't think that he would succeed in it. He explained why he did so well in math because "there is only one answer and that in english all the answers were a judgment call or matter of opinion".  I think that its pretty cool despite his teachers opinions he did what he wanted to do and didn't let anyone tell him differently.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First posts for English 1110.03

Hello students and welcome to our blog.  Today, let's work to get everyone on the blog and learn how to use its features.  Our blog address is, but if you are signed into your Gmail account, all you have to do is go to and it will show you a link to the blog.

The first thing you must do is get a Gmail account.  Then, using that Gmail address, please write to me at and I will invite you to the blog.   You must accept the invite and follow the steps in order to use the blog.  Let’s do this in class.

Once you are a member, you will see your Gmail address appear in the upper right hand corner, and only then can you post to the blog.

--To do a New Post, you must again find that link in the upper right hand corner.  Click New Post and a window will appear to let you compose.

Please title all your writings, and use a username that is either your name or nickname so we know who is writing.  Only class members will be on this blog.

For your first post, write one paragraph where you introduce yourself and some things about you, including a Fun Fact or something unique.  That way we can always have this on the blog as a way of knowing and remembering each other. 

In your next paragraph, write about something that stuck you as important or interesting one of the essays you read in The Essay Connection today.  Use a direct quote from the essay to start your response, and give us your best ideas about this essay.

Finish your post by including a picture of yourself.  Let's learn how to use images with our posts, and it is both fast and easy to do.  Usually people just grab one from Facebook or his/her phone for this.  You will have to save it to the computer, and then upload it to the blog.  I'll show you how.

 Good luck, have fun, and just let me know when you need help!  This first day is all about getting comfortable with the blog, and for some of you, this will take time.  For others who are more familiar, please be patient and helpful with your classmates.

All best,
Mike Lohre

P.S. If ever you don't finish an assignment on here, or if you just want to revise, sign into the blog and then go back to the pencil icon on your post.  If you click it, it will take you right back into your writing, and you can update, add, subtract, and edit easily. 

P.S.S. A little about me.  I have been teaching at OSU for almost 20 years, and got my degrees here in poetry and fiction. I love serving others and am active in a couple of churches and non-profits.  I also love animals and growing our own food.  My wife Irene grew up in the Philippines on the mountain before moving here  and I come from the farm in Minnesota so we are both country people.  She's my best friend by far.  I'm happy to be able to teach this class and hope I can be a good influence as I truly believe young people are our future and we have to support your goals and dreams and encourage good citizenry.