Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploration Two Naman Patel

The person that I admire most in Holding on is Maury Graham in "Steam Train". I admire is because i thought his story was interesting. I learned the difference between a Hobo and a Bum. I used to think that the Hobos and the Bums were the same, and all they did was beg for money. The story on Maury changed my whole view point. The thing that i realized was that Hobos actually work for food and anything that they need. They work for everything they need to survive. On the other end Bums don't really do anything and just expect things to fall in there lap. I admire Maury because he lived ice to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it no matter what happened. Also in the book it shows how different people can tell Hobos and Bums apart. In the book it says that "you can tell a hobo by the way they're dressed, and also you can tell the hobo by their conversation- usually not shady." The person demonstrates the theme of creativity is by first explaining the difference between Hobos and Bums to get things cleared. The person also tells the history of how the hobos lived in the past and the struggles they went through by moving all the time and riding the train.

The thing that Surprised me the most in Scott Russell Sanders was how open he was in talking about his after alcohol problem. The reason why he was so open about talking about it was because he wanted to get things of his mind, and also help other family that have the same problem. The others reason i think he was so open about writing the story was because trying so hard to be not like his father but he kind of ended up doing that in part of the book. I think that if he talked about how he felt and the struggles he was going to, would help him overcome that stage of his life. The important lesson that i learned was no matter how you're family member are you can't give up on them, because they need all they help they can get to get over that stage in their life. "The more he drank, the more obsessed Mother became with stopping him. She hunted for bottles, counted the cash in his wallet, sniffed at his breath." (Page 183, Paragraph 16)

A question that i would like to research is after people that have past away do their families still hold on to the stuff that they held on to?


  1. I really reading Steam trains, because it educates people a lot on the difference between a Hobo and a Bum. I also found it really fascinating reading the stories of how the name HOBO came to be.


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