Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Blog Post

My name is Molly Black and I am a freshman. I went to Bishop Watterson for high school. My favorite class at Bishop Watterson was my American Minorities class because of my teacher. My hobbies include hanging out with my friends and running.I have had the same favorite color since I was little which is baby blue. I have two chihuahuas. My dogs are Penelope Rose who is four months old and the others name is Chica and she is six. My favorite place to travel is Cayman Islands because of the crystal blue water.  My fun fact is that I saw Queen Latifah in New York City getting breakfast but she would not take a picture with me because she said it was too early in morning.
"For there comes a time when only those who do not believe in God will not cry out to him in wrath and anguish." I think this is important part of the passage because of many reasons. One being that humans tend to blame things on someone else rather then themselves if something is not going their way. It shows that we should also in the next paragraph not judge those who blame others because we all blame someone at some point. I believe this essay tells us many different things that we should learn from. Wiesel tells us that everything we do is significant even if we do not think so. In addition too Wiesel tells us that it is important not to forget those who have died and that it is important to tell their story.


  1. I love your quote " for there comes a time....

  2. I agree with your opinion about people needing to take responsibility for their mistakes and how we often blame other people

  3. Molly, thats funny how you met Queen Latifah getting breakfast and she wouldn't take a picture :)


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