Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploration Two

      The profile that I admired the most was Moreese Bickman's profile. I admired this profile because of many different reasons. One reason I admired Moreese is his strength and courage. When the deputy's were arresting his wife without even thinking he followed her and tried to get in the car. This shows that no matter what he wanted to be with his wife and his courage.Another reason on why I admired this story so much is because of how humble of a man Moreese is. He recognizes his privileges and shares how we need to understand how blessed we are.
        Moreese demonstrates creativity in his essay. Moreese holds onto the actually event that put him in jail. The vivid details Moreese gives shows that it was a life changing event and he still thinks about it daily. In addition too Moreese is holding on to the lessons this event gave him. He explains how he felt on death row and him thanking the Lord for everything he has. This represents a learning experience for him to be thankful.
         Sanders story is a very heartfelt passage in my opinion. There are many things we learn about him and about how we should act ourselves.The thing that surprised me the most when reading this passage is how he said he believes that he has failed his father. He states, "I lie there hating him, loving him, fearing him, knowing I have failed him. I tell myself he drinks to ease the ache that gnaws at his belly, an ache I must have caused by disappointing him somehow, a murderous ache I should be able to relieve by doing all my chores..." This surprises me because his father drinking is not his fault at all. I learned that you should not blame yourself for how others act. This passage shows me that I should be only concerned on how I treat others and how I am as a person.

Is there anything people are doing to make sure people are not still in jail for committing an innocent crime like Bickman?


  1. I agree with you that Moreese Bickman has a lot of courage.

  2. I like what you learned from this story!!

  3. I like what you got from Moreese Brickman's story and I agree when you say that he is holding onto what put him in jail and how he is thankful from his experience!

  4. It was really sad that he stayed in that prison for so long that he kept seeing people come and go.


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