Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploration 2

The person I admire the most so far in Holding On is probably the Hobo.  I admire the Hobo because they work for everything they have and don't expect any handouts just given to them.  They demonstrate the theme of creativity because they always have to work with what little they got, meaning they have to improvise in situations that aren't very ideal for them.

The thing that surprised me most about this story is how he was told by his doctor that if he were to drink one more beer he would die, and after 15 years of being sober, he started drinking again to celebrate his retirement, then shortly after he died.  The passage I liked the most is on page 183, where Sanders talked about living on a military reserve in Ohio and how a football could set off a mine, he then compared that to his father drinking and how one wrong thing that's said could make his father explode as well because of all the alcohol he drank, it made him very angry and he often took it out on his family.

A question that I think would be good to research would be how working conditions have improved in the the u.s now that there's equal rights for everyone.


  1. That was interesting to me that he decided to drink again after knowing that

  2. I agree with you about the homeless and how they have to work for everything that they have and dont expect handouts!

  3. I agree that hobo will make money by themselves and doesn't bother outher people for money.


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