Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lomina Bempah

Hi My name is Lomina and I love to play softball and soccer. I'm from Ghana, Africa. Move here about 5 years ago. Something unique about me is that I'm a gym girl. On my free time I play video games with my brothers. I like to eat a lot, I'm not picky. I love  the color pink a lot. Thinking about painting my car pink. I'm very funny and quite. I love to try something new everyday with my best friend so we don't get bored. Im studying to be a Physical Therapy..
" I could go no further. I fell down and lay for a considerable time. The blood was yet oozing from the wound on my head. For a time I thought I should bleed to death."The two things liked reading this book was how Douglass took back her freedom. And also how he survived when he was bleeding in the woods.


  1. I love the quote about trust that you used as your picture. I think we can all relate that quote to a situation or situations in our lives.


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