Thursday, January 16, 2014

Naman's First Blog

My name is Naman and i have lived in the United States for about 12 years now. I moved to United States when i was nine years old. I recently graduated from Worthington Kilbourne high school. I played basketball my freshman year of high school. I have one older brother that goes to OSU. I love watching basketball and football in my free time. Im a big Tom Brady and LeBron fan. I am a very outgoing person, and also easy to get along with. One interesting fact about me is that i was born in India, and also English is my second language. I work hard at everything i do. Family and School come before everything in my life.

From the Essay Connection the story of Frederick Douglass "Resurrection" the quote that i found was important to me was "This battle with Mr. Covey was the turning-point in my career as a slave. It Rekindled the Few expiring embrace of freedom, and revived within me a sense of my own manhood." i think this was a really important was because this really changed his life and he aaas a free man. After fighting with the man for two hours he deserves a lot of credit and Mr. Covey showed him the respect. This was a new beginning in his life because he didn't have to fallow any orders and can do what he really wants. 


  1. Im a big fan of Lebron James too! Im not a big fan of Brady.

  2. English is also my second language and I am from India.


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