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The Mr. Money Mustache article I read was how to make money buy you happiness.  Mr Mustache talked about in the article that we don't really spend money to impress others or to improve our lives, we do it cause it maked us feel better about ourselves.  He also states that when we spend money, we're actually buying feelings, that we get from the product we buy.  A quote in this article that I liked was "The best way to get to the root of all this spending is to realize what we are all really trying to buy. In fact, it is the reason for every single action we take in our lives. It’s happiness."  I like this quote because it really answers the question we have on why we spend our money.  I think the part where Mr. Money Mustache did good on was when he talked about taking the option to not spend money and see how fufilling that could be.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Exploration 8: Get Rich With: Nature. Gabrielle

      Mr. Money Mustache writes this blog about how we can use nature as a way to save money. We all live these fancy lives with cars and phones, but we do not realize that we can use nature for free! Kids grow up with plastic toys when they can actually be outside being adventurous, playing with sticks and climbing trees. Teenagers and young adults drive around to places they need to go, but instead they can be walking or biking to places they need to go. Adults also use cars to get where they need to go but they can also go to biking as a way to get places as well as a good source of exercising. Mr. Money Mustache writes that many people do not realize how beautiful the outdoors are and what can be found out there. The outdoors are a good source for relaxation instead of paying to go to relaxing places. "It’s easy to forget about Nature when you lead a modern life. And when you forget about it, you slip into a pattern of spending your whole life trying to figure out what’s missing. Driving around, buying things, watching sports on TV, going out to entertainment establishments. Those things are all fun, just like our stuff. But most of the needs they fill are just replacing things that we were already getting for free, from Nature, for thousands of generations before they were invented". I really like this quote because it is 100% true. So many of us do sit and thing "what is missing from our lives?", and it really is nature that is missing. We take for granted what we have for free! We can go outside and entertain ourselves with a nice hike or long bike ride. 
      What Mr. Money Mustache is presenting to us is very doable and I absolutely love it. It is so easy for us to give up things like our cars and phones for just a little bit and try riding our bikes to where we need to go or getting away from our phones and going on a hike, enjoying what mother nature has given us. The only difficult thing is with places we need to go today, it would be hard to ride our bikes everywhere we had to go to. But by simply substituting our cars for our bikes to get to a simple place, we could save money as well as get relaxed and enjoy our surroundings. I think Mr. Money Mustache hit this blog right on the spot. We should all take a little bit of advice and get outside!

Exploration 8

     The article I choose to research is. "When Energy Saving Becomes an Emergency." This page is about how we all spend too much money on everyday things that are easily cut down by a different lifestyle. For instance this page talks about saving on transportation, electricity and heating. At the end of this page they talk about how you can change these problems. Some solutions to gasoline prices being high is biking where you need to go or another solution to electricity is by simply shutting off your lights when you are not in the room. In addition too he did some research in figuring out certain things like "Last year I ran some tests on an old fridge that a friend still had in operation. It was burning 110 kWh per month, or  $135 of electricity every year. For $300 he replaced it with a nearly-new fridge from Craigslist and I measured it again. This one used 62% less energy, saving him $83 per year, which is a spectacular 28% annual return on investment!" Mr. Money Mustache shows how something as simple as that is making your bill higher.

       I liked this post because of many different ways because it shows how much we really are spending on things that we do not realize. The thing I do not like about this post is some of the things he says you can do to fix your problems. I do not think biking everywhere is a doable thing. If there were to be bad weather and you needed to go to the store you are not going to be able to bike in bad weather conditions.

Exploration 8- Anne

Luxury is Just Another Weakness

My post discussed the fact that even though luxuries are nice, they are not worth the money that you spend on them and you should not let yourself get used to luxurious things.  He talks about how even if he was sitting in a luxurious house, eating expensive foods, and on an expensive computer, this is not something to be proud of.  He says, "This stuff isn’t anything to brag about. Although I am enjoying it at the moment, it is actually an indulgence of a weakness, and I had better watch myself, lest I start to depend on this sort of pampering all the time."

I agree with this post and I do think that it is very doable.  I think that most of what he was talking about are simply suggestions that everyone could follow and pay more attention to.  I thought that his suggestions were clever and made a lot of sense.



Exploration 8: Haters Gonna Hate- Jake McCluskey

I really enjoyed and encourage you guys to read this article. Mr. Money Mustache was featured on Wall Street Journal and any who he goes on to talk about how he read the negative comments on his articles on WSJ's comments. Mr. Money mustache says how he never reads the negative comments as he talked about in one of his earlier articles Low Information Diet. Mr. Money says how he hates complainers and how we a genetically engineered to complain because that is what the peasants did back in the day. The peasants would complain about the rulers saying how they could do better and this would help to give the peasant a little more respect among the other peasants because of his bravery to talk about the king behind his back. But now-a-day Mr. Money says how we cant do that our be around people who do that because 

"They are a complete waste of time, because the complainer is renewing his mental focus on his own problems, even while he wastes the time of the unfortunate listener who is stuck hearing the complaints. We could all take a great leap forward in life by simply instituting an “No Fucking Complaints about ANYTHING – EVER” rule, rephrasing them as honest questions and plans of action to fix the underlying problems instead." 
I chose this for my direct quote because in this paragraph/ quote you really see how much Mr. Money hates people complain and how unimportant their complaints are to him. I liked this blog so much because of how "do-able" it is to live out what he is preaching. All he asks the reader to do is to not complain which is a pretty easy and very rewarding thing to do. I also did some extra research and I found that people who complain or talk about other people tend to have self-esteem issues and are also depressed that’s why they are complaining because they think it would make them feel better when it actually does the opposite. I think what he is saying in this post is a great idea and everyone should live life with no complaints. I very much enjoyed reading this article and I hope you guys read it and enjoy it as much as I did! Cya 1110.03 have a great summer!!

In my picture the man is blocking out whatever it is the woman is complaining about.

A Lifetime of Riches - Is it as simple as a Few Habits ? Chloe's last Exploration

The blog i read was about the habits we form that cause us to make choices like spending money, using our cars more then needed etc. The blog talks about how we form our habits and and the end of the blog it talks about how we can start to make an effort in changing out habits. He said that "As it turns out, habits are little chunks of auto-pilot behavior that get burned right into your neurology - permanently. Once you develop a habit, you can never truly erase the program, even if you manage to deactivate it." So this was something that definitely freaked me out that all the bad habits i have formed like going to the mall, getting fast food when i don't want to make the food i have at home or driving around randomly will always be habits that i will want to continue to carry out. To give us a picture of the cycle of the habit he posted this picture 

We basically start the habit and continue it mindlessly without even knowing until the habit is completed. I really liked this blog because i think that it could help me or anyone think more consciously about the habits that we do and maybe in the middle of doing them we could stop ourselves. I think his ways of fixing your habits at the end of the article are definitely doable it will just require some work but i think its something everyone should consider doing. 

Aziz Hamid Last Exploration Assignemnt

How (and How Not) to Buy a House

     I read the article How (and How Not) to Buy a House by Mr. Money Mustache.  Basically the title of this article tell you what it is mainly about, it about different ways of how to and how not to buy a house.  Buying a house is not an easy task to do. For an average person buying a house is probably the biggest purchase he or she will make.  When buying a house, a person can have huge success or failure depending on the skills you have. Mr. Money Mustache talks about different things to keep in mind to successfully buy a house. He talks about having a calm and rational mindset. This is very important when buying a house. He talks about location. Before buying a house you need to keep in mind  of location. Location can play a major role in being close to work, school, library, grocery stores  and much more. He also talks about rent vs. buy. He tells us if we have the opportunity to buy a house we should because renting is just wasting your money. When you buy a house you are building equity. He talks about buying a fixer upper over a fancy luxury house because it cost a lot less to renovate a house. Also you should ignore the small details and pay attention to the big details. Lastly you should take your time when buying a house. Do not be in a rush. There are frequent random events, like a bank dumping a foreclosure at $100,000 below market value or an estate sale with an out-of-town realtor setting the price way too low.

     A quote I really like is “I am not buying a flowery pillowcase of emotions or a future of warm memories. I am conducting a business transaction to purchase a piece of land and an assembled collection of construction materials.” One of the most important skill to have is the right mindset when buying a house. This quote tells us that when buying a house you are a business person looking to conduct some business. This mindset is essential to get the results you want. 

     I really liked this blog. I learned a lot about buying a house.  I liked all the advice Mr. Money Mustache talks about when buying a house. I did not dislike anything about the blog. I do think this is doable.  Any person can have the power to take these advice and use it in their lives. It is a very good idea. Someday I will have to buy a house for my family and I want to be be successful in buying a house. 


New Post: Amal

I read the article  Why You Should Smile at Higher Gas Prices. He simply states that having the gas price good thing for all of us. He states that "If the price could stay high for a while though, our amazing industrial society would automatically adjust in the name of profit". That if gas price  were to stay up we would get to have the cool cars just like Europe has.  Also it would be good because if we were to keep gas price down we would be required to drill into the ocean and hard wildlife. And we simply don't have much control on price because it comes from other countries. That having high gas prices would be much safer, that things would change for the better.  In doing this It would benefit us but the our spending would increase significantly.
  • cities would fill in more efficiently, making it easier for people to bike and walk, and even public transit would work better because of more compact cities and higher ridership
  • food that uses a lot of fuel to produce and ship would rise in price more than efficient foods – people would switch to buying the less energy-intensive food.
I guess i kind of like the idea that it wouldn't harm the environment as much and that we would have new cars like the Europeans do such as an electric car.  Just as  in today the gas prices are really high because of the countries it is coming from. its not a good thing because we are spending so much money on gas everyday to get to where we are headed. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last exploration

The topic I picked is called King for Just One Day.  The theme of this topic is there is a point where after you spend a certain amount of money you reach peak fulfillment which is defined as Enough, Any money spent beyond this point costs the same but gets you less in terms of life satisfaction.  He says don’t spend your money for being a rich while you are not. If you do that it’ll give one day happiness with spending all your moneys and after that you will be poor again. So be happy and enjoy your actual life.  He is in Ontario to spend summer vacation and there he enjoyed all his dreams to come in fulfill but he again thoughts these all are only for few time and when he again comeback to his hometown he will live as his daily life. So he calls it the “King for Just One Day Method”. I like this topic because he has good ideas and themes and explains how people try to be rich and spends all money in buying luxury, staying at Mall etc. Nowadays rich come poor and poor come rich because rich people spend money for luxury life and poor saves money to be rich.  In MMM’s last passage he says “Write your own list of the Ways that you've got it good, and then dig in and enjoy them ALL this summer, before going out to purchase any more add-ons to your already great life”.

Exploration 8

A Badass Utopia

Utopia stands for a perfect society. In Mr. Money Mustaches article, he explains how we as individuals can form a utopia around the globe. His main adjustment that he talks about, is that we need to stop spending so much money on luxury goods and start investing our money. If we are to start throwing more money into investments, then we will be able to retire at a much younger age and will have more money after retirement to enjoy the finer things in life, such as "people tossing frisbees and playing guitars in the parks. The sweet aroma of marijuana would float around without secrecy in public places". In this Utopia we would focus collectively on generating the good things about human nature rather than the bad ones. A society that promotes more loving acts rather than evil ones and this can be obtainable because everyone will be put in a better mood due to people being able to enjoy life rather than stressing about a new problem everyday. 

Mr. Money Mustaches article to me, even though it sounds like a great idea, will never be able to work. He goes into some detail about essentially cutting back on essential parts of life, such as vehicles and television. He's envisioning a society that was around 4o years ago. Trying to restart from 2014 to the 1960's simply isn't going to happen. I don't think anyone is going to be to happy when the government comes into your house and takes your TV.
I do like his envision on changing up the political system, but again, it's simply not going to happen. He wants to make the political process to be based on the quality of the politicians rather than the money they have. By focusing strictly on quality, the use of political ads will be eliminated, but that won't be a problem because we won't have any TVs. I also liked how he wanted the political community to be more politically engaged, so we would be able to decipher the lies politicians say.    

Exploration 8: Christian Lui

Are You Cleaning Out Your Own Wallet?

Mr. Money Mustache's article focus's on how to save money, while all at the same time, building a strong immune system. Mr. Money proposes there are many unnecessary house hold duties that require quite a bit of money, and in return, disallows the immune system to grow. For example, Mr. Money makes an argument that one should not always see a doctor for a slight illness, but rather allow the immune system to natural fight off the illness. Mr. Money says, "I have always ignored germs and sanitation, and always enjoyed excellent health. The germophobes and the see-a-doctor-as-soon-as-I-have-a-sniffle crowd I have know seem to be less fortunate in the health department." Mr. Money makes a point, that one can strengthen the immune system, while saving money without having to see a doctor for a minor aliment. Mr. Money stresses the fact that it is completely necessary to maintain a clean lifestyle, however, knowing the differences on what actually needs to sanitized can be a matter of optimizing the immune system and saving thousands of dollars.

I think that Mr. Money Mustache's ideas and lessons on how to build the immune system, while saving money is very beneficial to know. Keeping cleaning to a minimal is  completely doable, but should be brought upon slowly. An immune system that is not use to the exposure of an abundance of germs can be threatening. I think that if one were to begin a lifestyle of minimal cleaning, it should be a slow process. Despite that, I think Mr. Money's idea of building a strong immune system is essential to optimizing the span of a life, and the reward doesn't stop there. Changing a negligible tweak in one's lifestyle can save countless hours and money.

last exploration lomina

I learn that there’s a fairly common doubt about the idea of Financial Independence and Early Retirement because it’s such a prevalent idea that one must work until they’re 65, people often doubt that retiring so much earlier than that could even work. One of the quote that I found that he said was “If early retirement is that easy, why I haven’t heard of it before? It must not actually be possible.” I liked how he compared back then working wages and now. "We’re flush with more disposable cash than we’ve ever had in history, but we don’t even realize it". The difficulty of saving in the past continues to influence our thinking today: common wisdom suggests that you should be shooting to save those small percentages, because that’s what you could save, historically. This makes the 40-90% savings rates suggested by Mr. Money Mustache and his acolytes seem crazy. It says that “an average worker needs to work 11 hours per week to produce as much as one working 40 hours per week in 1950.”I like how he said the rise of the dual-income household should have made us even wealthier. But instead it just gave rise to the lament, “Nowadays you need two incomes just to get by!” All of this information on this page thought me a lot about working wages and how I can still save money with little wages.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sudi's Exploration 8

The topic that i all ready choose is been taking , so the topic that i choose is How Big Is Your Cirlce Of contral. The term How Big is your Circle of Control comes from coming from . Stephen Covey’s ridiculously powerful classic called "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"."The concepts are so religiously ingrained in my mind at this point, and have proven to be accurate through so many real-life tests, that I tend to go into a mouth-frothing rant if I see someone not following them."
How big is your circle is an decreasing Ignorance. if the rick people keep their cirlce smal and dont help the oher people around them it effects the pople around them, which is the poor people. In the form of trying to educate the rich world about the consequences of our current lifestyle and its effect on the rest of the planet, Many celebrates dont get thier circle small they help people who need it. Many peopl misunderstanding cebrates they think one cebrates hav e one small circle they think all the cebrates are the some.

Exploration 8 your money or your life Bosteya

According to my experience your  money or your life is the one of the  best thing  in the world if your dont have money you cant buy anything you need but money is only a tool. it will take you where ever your wish but it will not replace you as the drive. money has come from some where and if you overspend the money will go but there,s alot of people who doesnt has money and they still a live and happy money doesnt bring happiness people who got money they are really in bad stituation eventhough they got everything they want they still have alot off issues going on their mine they can not walk or drive by them self unless they get body guard  because they are scaring if someone  will killed them what i belive is the more you get money is the more your stress you self, people who have  their  daily basis are the best people.Waste your money and your only out of money, but wast your time and you have lost a part of your life. I belive money is nothing all  i want is happiness if you happy life will be easy for you but if you got stress you will go crazy and loosing you life.


If you want to be happy with money first, be happy without money.

Mr. Money Mustache's Exploration

The topic I pick is 100% Off Black Friday Sale, the topic talks about the each year's Thanksgiving's  tradition is shopping on the Black Friday.  The consumers always plan to shop on Black Friday because most retail store offer big sales.  In Mr. Money Mustache's post, he introduced to the reader that  he celebrated the traditional Thanksgiving at home without going to black friday's shopping.  According  to what he saying that, "In the wise words of Grandpa Money Mustache: “A Simpler Christmas is a Grander Christmas“, and you can read more about it in the holiday MMM Classic entitled Happy Buy Nothing Day".  His family did not go shopping for goodies but his children make their own gift to keep their tradition.  They will watch movie and having a breakfast serve by candlelight.  

I do like this post because I think most people will shop on black friday after the Thanksgiving.  It seems American's culture in today's society.  During the Black Friday, the consumptions of goods will be increase because the price is lower than other days.  The consumers will purchase more good because they expect the price getting lower after Thanksgiving.  In MMM's view, he think most people already forget what Thanksgiving's old tradition means celebrate dinner with family together.  I think is very important you know how to keep your past even the money is more important today.  The money can make you happiness but we still need keep our family tradition because it mean something rather than money.  

Exploration 8: Naman Patel

The Blog i chose to do is A Little Lesson on Gasoline. In the blog it show who the gasoline can affect us in the long run. In the blog he didn't do much talking but the video he posted pretty much explained on how gasoline can affect us in the long run. The average US driver only cares about the price of the gas, but in the real world that gas price can add up in the long run and can hurt the environment. The less we pay on bass right the worst we will be in the future. The average cost of gasoline in the US is about 3 to 4 dollars, but the experts say that the real cost of the gasoline is much more because of all the population that the gasoline creates. American drivers use an average of 557 gallons go gasoline per year. A single driver creates about 10,000 lb. of green house gases per year, and it  that can kill a lot of plants and trees in the forest, and that only one driver imagine the whole US. The pollution begins as soon as it is pumped up from the ground, and when it comes up it reales gases, that then is pumped in the the ships, and when it is being pumped some of the gases are released, then it transfer to the trucks and more gases are released, and then the trucks transfer it to the gas station and more gases are released and this happen almost everyday. One of the deadly gas that is being released when all of this happen is Benzene, Benzene is really bad for you health, and thats what you smell when you pull into the gas station. When the gas evaporates more and more gases are being released. this process happens everyday. the amount of population you create depends on the type of car you drive. The quote that i liked was "I think of the cheap gas we have here in the US as a guilty pleasure. It is great for me personally that it costs virtually nothing to fuel a car." this shows that the price of gas is really nothing right not but in the long run it will up and affect us. The population will get worse, and so will our health. 


I think that this blog post was good because it shows us how the gas can and will affect us in the long run. we can make the environment better if we use fuel efficient cars. The thing with the fuel with the fuel efficient cars is that they cost more and there aren't many places you can charge your car. The can make an affect the environment by one car at a time. Getting a fuel efficient car your only improving your health, and saving money, and also helping out the environment a little bit. It is doable if people are able to make the effort. 

Exploration najima

This is the one of the Mr. Money Mustache  his article. It's called  The Life You Can Save. This article is about how can you save others life. Many people like to save other people. and that is society we live in today. Save life is important thing that human do all the time. Some people believe if you help someone it gone come back to one day and that is true. According  Peter Singer was "    Imagine you’re on a lifeboat, and the titanic has just sunk. People are swimming all around you. You can save five lives. There’s one person floating off in one direction, and there are five people stuck under an overturned lifeboat in the other direction, so you can’t see them. But you know they are alive and can be saved. Given only one choice, which direction would you row?" Some people think this is not my family so why I' am him or her? it doesn't matter is your family or someone who live the street help is very important thing that we have to do. "  “Put it this way: if you were out on a hike, and you saw a small child falling into a pond, starting to drown.. would you wade in and save the child?” I like this article because it describe how you save others like and how you think when you see someone who need your help. Do you walk way or do you help that person? It depend what direction you go with. that why I like this article. I don't see any dislike.  I think is a good idea because save life it never bad. You getting feed back GOD and the life you save too. That why is not bad thing to do. The  connect it to my life is I love to save life one day. I always want to save life because it is good thing to do. I want be life saver.

Exploration 8: Jai Patel

I read the blog called "The top 4 SUV's for growing families" The blog basically talks about that families that re growing are looking for Americans best cars. They are also looking for safest vehicle to protect your new precious cargo. This means 4-wheel-drive and superior crash protection. It compares four different cars 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum, 2014 Ford Expedition Limited EL, 2014 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ, 2014 BMW X5 50i. The quote that I really like is "Let’s face it. Here in America, a car is not a luxury, it’s a basic necessity." I really like that quote because it is a necessity and we need a car to do our everyday stuff. I liked how the blog had pictures of the cars so we know how it looks. I also like how they put a disruption of the car and included its starting price and features. I didn't like how they didn't tell you why the other cars didn't make the top list. This blog is a good idea because it helps families that are growing know what the best and safest car is out there because safety is the most important thing. If is was in a families position of picking a car and I didn't know what cars are good and not good I would read this blog to help me out a little.       toyotaexcursionsuburbanbmw

Revolution of Spirit: Anne

The Revolution of Spirit speech meant the most to me.  I thought that this speech was very moving and inspirational because of how optimistic it sounded, even under circumstances where Aung San Suu Kyi could not present the speech herself.  I thought that in the speech it was made very clear that she was accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for the people of her country.  "Firstly, I know that she would begin by saying that she accepts the Nobel Prize for Peace not in her own name but in the name of all of the people of Burma."  It is made clear many times in the speech that this isn't only for her, and I like that she is recognizing the people of her country.

A country that I am currently concerned about is Venezuela.  About a year ago, their President, Hugo Chavez passed away which was a major loss to all Venezuelans.  Chavez played an important, positive role in what was going on there.  Now, there are riots going on in Venezuela because they are going against their current president.  There is also lots of serious crime going on.  Venezuela currently has a high murderer and robbery rate.  We should care about what is going on in Venezuela because it is getting out of control and worsening at a fast rate.  I hope that the problems in Venezuela can be solved soon.