Monday, April 21, 2014

A Lifetime of Riches - Is it as simple as a Few Habits ? Chloe's last Exploration

The blog i read was about the habits we form that cause us to make choices like spending money, using our cars more then needed etc. The blog talks about how we form our habits and and the end of the blog it talks about how we can start to make an effort in changing out habits. He said that "As it turns out, habits are little chunks of auto-pilot behavior that get burned right into your neurology - permanently. Once you develop a habit, you can never truly erase the program, even if you manage to deactivate it." So this was something that definitely freaked me out that all the bad habits i have formed like going to the mall, getting fast food when i don't want to make the food i have at home or driving around randomly will always be habits that i will want to continue to carry out. To give us a picture of the cycle of the habit he posted this picture 

We basically start the habit and continue it mindlessly without even knowing until the habit is completed. I really liked this blog because i think that it could help me or anyone think more consciously about the habits that we do and maybe in the middle of doing them we could stop ourselves. I think his ways of fixing your habits at the end of the article are definitely doable it will just require some work but i think its something everyone should consider doing. 


  1. You chose a great blog to write on Chloe. I have that blog pulled up on another tab and im about to read it when I am done with all my comments because that seems like it could be a very beneficial blog to read! Have a good summer cya Chloe

  2. I agree with what you said about starting those habits, it's important not to get to caught up in it.


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