Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Robert Kennedy: Chloe's Exploration Seven

Robert Kennedy who is better known as JFK's younger brother Bobby was heavily involved in the Civil rights movement and was even in close contact with Martin Luther King and often his wife as well. He is known for wanting to protecting the Freedom Riders in their trip to New Orleans. He convinced the Greyhound Corporations to hire drivers that would willingly finish out the trip for the freedom riders since any driver could refuse to take a job if they didn't want to do it. After the Aniston bombing had happened Bobby felt like he had to protect the riders even more. He wanted the state of Alabama to agree to protecting the freedom riders so he sent his Administrative assistant to Alabama to ensure this. The governor of Alabama told Bobby that he could not promise this but he was forced by Bobby to fly planes over the buses, have patrol cars every mile of the trip and to put patrol officers on the actual buses to protect the people. When the freedom riders got to Jackson Mississippi they were all arrested but there was no violence and this was due to Bobby's Neogation with the state to not use violence. Bobby Kennedy even offered to pay the bail for all of the freedom riders which was turned down. You can tell that his involvement with the Freedom Riders wasn't done out of political reasons. Bobby Kennedy truly cared about civil rights and moving towards equality for the African Americans.

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  1. I think Kennedy's family really do good things in the civil right movement. Robert Kennedy was a great person that help in the freedom rider also his brother JFK also a great president in civil right movement.


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