Thursday, April 17, 2014

Exploration najima

This is the one of the Mr. Money Mustache  his article. It's called  The Life You Can Save. This article is about how can you save others life. Many people like to save other people. and that is society we live in today. Save life is important thing that human do all the time. Some people believe if you help someone it gone come back to one day and that is true. According  Peter Singer was "    Imagine you’re on a lifeboat, and the titanic has just sunk. People are swimming all around you. You can save five lives. There’s one person floating off in one direction, and there are five people stuck under an overturned lifeboat in the other direction, so you can’t see them. But you know they are alive and can be saved. Given only one choice, which direction would you row?" Some people think this is not my family so why I' am him or her? it doesn't matter is your family or someone who live the street help is very important thing that we have to do. "  “Put it this way: if you were out on a hike, and you saw a small child falling into a pond, starting to drown.. would you wade in and save the child?” I like this article because it describe how you save others like and how you think when you see someone who need your help. Do you walk way or do you help that person? It depend what direction you go with. that why I like this article. I don't see any dislike.  I think is a good idea because save life it never bad. You getting feed back GOD and the life you save too. That why is not bad thing to do. The  connect it to my life is I love to save life one day. I always want to save life because it is good thing to do. I want be life saver.

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  1. I think saving life is great in world and if any can save someone's life then they should do that even that person is your enemy. I like the summery and the picture you included.


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