Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Expolaration 7

The film focesed on the the civil right movement that was happening in the 1960. it show how the black people was really treated that time.It show what segregration stared and how it ened. Many student at that time get hurt and were put into jail,beacouse they were fighting for their rights.many of the black students who sat counters in restaurants were beat, heckled, and arrested. Many of the black people in the flim were beating and they were still fighting for their rights. i known that what was happening to them was an fair thing to them. Many of them were put them in jail, and songing freedom songs bacouse they thought that was the right thing to do.

Strokely Carmicheal was civil right movement activetes and leader of
 national chairman of the student of nonviolent coordinating committee.
Carmicheal announced that the organization would no longer send white organiztion to the black community and move awaye nonviolent strategies.
Strokely Carmicheal created the group call the "Back Power".


  1. I did not know much information about Carmicheal and that he was the lead chairman of the SNCC and that he founded Black Power. It's interesting how he went from going from SNCC, a nonviolent group, to founding a violent oriented group.

  2. It is my first time know the SNCC and Carmicheal was a interesting man. The Black Power is consider a violence group and it is interesting!


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