Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exploration 8: Naman Patel

The Speech that meant the most to me was Inner Peace and Human Rights. I think this was a good speech because it talks about finding peace in your self. The other reason why i like the speech was that talks about how the war has an affect on the people, country, and the loved once. The speech talks about how more attention is paid to the things outside then the things that are more important to us. When you have inner peace it makes it easier to deal with your problems. Many people have taken support to find inner peace within them self or for the country they live in. More people are trying to prevent wars from happening, and make peace with the country. Te other thing that the speech talks about is that violence is not the answer for everything. The speech also talk about how the Tibetans have been living under the Chinese troops. living under the Chinese group has taken away a lot from them like basic human rights, the right to life, movement, speech and worship. The speech is basically talking about how people aren't fitting for them self and letting everyone walk all of them.

"without this inner peace, no matter how comfortable your life is materially, you may still be worried, disturbed or unhappy because of circumstances." I like this because it shows that without peace you will not find your self happy. the other thing is that Inner peace can make your life easier, and make you believe in everything you do.

The country that i am concerned about is India. The poverty level in India is really high, and it has been like that for a while. "A major cause of poverty among India’s rural people, both individuals and communities, is lack of access to productive assets and financial resources." It is very hard to find jobs in India. Mumbai population is little bit over 22 million and 70% of that is the people that live in the slums. The people that live in the slums have very less resources, less people get education. The less resources are like food, water, electricity, basically the common things that we use in our everyday life. The other thing is that when less people get education the country doesn't grow, and also the kids of those parents grow up in a poor family, and the cycle continues. The way the kids and the family live in the slums for shock you. My hope on this situation is that people need to help, and help fast. The rich need to help the less fortunate once. The slums aren't the way of living for anyone, imagine your family, and your kids in that position. what would you do? This can affect is because when less kids are getting educated the country isn't growing, and that means the less resources that country can produce. the other thing is the less resources that country can produce the less trading happens, and that can affect the world, because everything would get backed up, and people would need to find new trading partners. We should help out because it can only help us in the future then hurt us. why not put money to good use then waste it on war and other weapons. 


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