Monday, April 21, 2014

Exploration 8: Haters Gonna Hate- Jake McCluskey

I really enjoyed and encourage you guys to read this article. Mr. Money Mustache was featured on Wall Street Journal and any who he goes on to talk about how he read the negative comments on his articles on WSJ's comments. Mr. Money mustache says how he never reads the negative comments as he talked about in one of his earlier articles Low Information Diet. Mr. Money says how he hates complainers and how we a genetically engineered to complain because that is what the peasants did back in the day. The peasants would complain about the rulers saying how they could do better and this would help to give the peasant a little more respect among the other peasants because of his bravery to talk about the king behind his back. But now-a-day Mr. Money says how we cant do that our be around people who do that because 

"They are a complete waste of time, because the complainer is renewing his mental focus on his own problems, even while he wastes the time of the unfortunate listener who is stuck hearing the complaints. We could all take a great leap forward in life by simply instituting an “No Fucking Complaints about ANYTHING – EVER” rule, rephrasing them as honest questions and plans of action to fix the underlying problems instead." 
I chose this for my direct quote because in this paragraph/ quote you really see how much Mr. Money hates people complain and how unimportant their complaints are to him. I liked this blog so much because of how "do-able" it is to live out what he is preaching. All he asks the reader to do is to not complain which is a pretty easy and very rewarding thing to do. I also did some extra research and I found that people who complain or talk about other people tend to have self-esteem issues and are also depressed that’s why they are complaining because they think it would make them feel better when it actually does the opposite. I think what he is saying in this post is a great idea and everyone should live life with no complaints. I very much enjoyed reading this article and I hope you guys read it and enjoy it as much as I did! Cya 1110.03 have a great summer!!

In my picture the man is blocking out whatever it is the woman is complaining about.

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  1. I love how Mr. Money Mustache compares haters to peasants! I agree with him on that because our society today is filled with people who try to take others down.


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