Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Humanitarianism Bosteya

humanitarianism is people who care others people not only those who care by  them self be kind person help people who doesn't have anything feed the children and older people there,s a lot people  who are suffering on hunger. The most people they cant afford they bills like rent they live in the forest and building houses there.  
act you kindness tell you family and friends good words. humanitarianism occurs where the political has failed or is in crisis we act note to assume political responsibility but the firstly to relieve relieve the inhuman suffering  of failed.

This country is KENYA people are feeding the children and they provide for them food children can not learn well when they hungry through the school feeding.  they are on the line to get there food, children are given food but this food is not nutrition food this food is Kenyan traditional food the  most  Kenya people they live  in poverty life the government doesn't  help people.


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