Sunday, April 20, 2014

Exploration 8: Christian Lui

Are You Cleaning Out Your Own Wallet?

Mr. Money Mustache's article focus's on how to save money, while all at the same time, building a strong immune system. Mr. Money proposes there are many unnecessary house hold duties that require quite a bit of money, and in return, disallows the immune system to grow. For example, Mr. Money makes an argument that one should not always see a doctor for a slight illness, but rather allow the immune system to natural fight off the illness. Mr. Money says, "I have always ignored germs and sanitation, and always enjoyed excellent health. The germophobes and the see-a-doctor-as-soon-as-I-have-a-sniffle crowd I have know seem to be less fortunate in the health department." Mr. Money makes a point, that one can strengthen the immune system, while saving money without having to see a doctor for a minor aliment. Mr. Money stresses the fact that it is completely necessary to maintain a clean lifestyle, however, knowing the differences on what actually needs to sanitized can be a matter of optimizing the immune system and saving thousands of dollars.

I think that Mr. Money Mustache's ideas and lessons on how to build the immune system, while saving money is very beneficial to know. Keeping cleaning to a minimal is  completely doable, but should be brought upon slowly. An immune system that is not use to the exposure of an abundance of germs can be threatening. I think that if one were to begin a lifestyle of minimal cleaning, it should be a slow process. Despite that, I think Mr. Money's idea of building a strong immune system is essential to optimizing the span of a life, and the reward doesn't stop there. Changing a negligible tweak in one's lifestyle can save countless hours and money.


  1. I would agree with Mr. Money Mustache, people should avoid going and seeing the doctor, for little to no reason necessary.

  2. Building an immune system is essential to not seeing the doctor. With that, you would get sick less, and therefore you save money on doctor's bills and medications.

  3. I leaned a lot of useful advice from reading your blog. I do agree with Mr. Money Mustache ideas on this topic. I do believe that you should not go to the doctor every single time you feel a little bit sick and in the long run this will help you out.

  4. i guess i have a connection with Mr.Money Mustache because i don't go to the doctor every time i get sick. i let my body try and flush it out on its own.


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