Sunday, April 20, 2014

last exploration lomina

I learn that there’s a fairly common doubt about the idea of Financial Independence and Early Retirement because it’s such a prevalent idea that one must work until they’re 65, people often doubt that retiring so much earlier than that could even work. One of the quote that I found that he said was “If early retirement is that easy, why I haven’t heard of it before? It must not actually be possible.” I liked how he compared back then working wages and now. "We’re flush with more disposable cash than we’ve ever had in history, but we don’t even realize it". The difficulty of saving in the past continues to influence our thinking today: common wisdom suggests that you should be shooting to save those small percentages, because that’s what you could save, historically. This makes the 40-90% savings rates suggested by Mr. Money Mustache and his acolytes seem crazy. It says that “an average worker needs to work 11 hours per week to produce as much as one working 40 hours per week in 1950.”I like how he said the rise of the dual-income household should have made us even wealthier. But instead it just gave rise to the lament, “Nowadays you need two incomes just to get by!” All of this information on this page thought me a lot about working wages and how I can still save money with little wages.


  1. It's all good direct quote. I think it's good thing that people getting retirement at age of 65.

  2. I thought your post was interesting! I hope that I don't have to work until I am 25!


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