Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last exploration

The topic I picked is called King for Just One Day.  The theme of this topic is there is a point where after you spend a certain amount of money you reach peak fulfillment which is defined as Enough, Any money spent beyond this point costs the same but gets you less in terms of life satisfaction.  He says don’t spend your money for being a rich while you are not. If you do that it’ll give one day happiness with spending all your moneys and after that you will be poor again. So be happy and enjoy your actual life.  He is in Ontario to spend summer vacation and there he enjoyed all his dreams to come in fulfill but he again thoughts these all are only for few time and when he again comeback to his hometown he will live as his daily life. So he calls it the “King for Just One Day Method”. I like this topic because he has good ideas and themes and explains how people try to be rich and spends all money in buying luxury, staying at Mall etc. Nowadays rich come poor and poor come rich because rich people spend money for luxury life and poor saves money to be rich.  In MMM’s last passage he says “Write your own list of the Ways that you've got it good, and then dig in and enjoy them ALL this summer, before going out to purchase any more add-ons to your already great life”.

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  1. I really liked how you added what he said "be happy with your life." I think it is very important for everyone to realize that no matter what we have to be happy with what we have and spend our money wisely!


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