Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From Mike Lohre: Lab Exercise Reading Response and Awareness: sharing our concerns

All semester, you have been reading and hearing stories of people who have faced many challenges but yet find a way to have a positive vision for the future.  At the very least, many of them are joining the fight to work together and create a better world. 

In this Lab writing exercise I want you to do two things:

1)  Write a response to one of the readings you did for today.  Which speech meant the most to you and why?  What is happening in this situation now?  Use one direct quote from the essay in your response.

2) Awareness. These essays promote a worldview and make us think outside our American experience.  This is very needed in a global society.  We must come to understand other countries challenges, cultures and strenghs as well.

Write about a country you are concerned about now.  Tell us what is happening there and what is being done.  What is your hope for this situation?  Why does it affect us?  Why should we care and what might we do in response? 

Use an image in this blog post, and provide a link where we can learn more about this situation.

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