Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Exploration 7

Overall, I think we can all learn from this Civil Rights movement. Martin luther King led by example to promote a non-violence protest. If the African Americans were not to protest in a way of violence then nothing would have been solved. Not using violence or resistance to the police force helped the Black community to appear as good moral individuals that were not trying to create an up-war of chaos and the media had a more difficult time making it seam like the african americans were in wrong doing. Even though the African Americans used non-violnce as a way of protest, the whites still used violence to enforce the "law". When coverage is put on the media of whites brutally hurting African Americans, it made whites think more about segregation and if it's ethical. By practicing in non-violence protest, it helped the African community gain their rights.
The African American community saw going to jail as a good thing because if they didn't then "they would be a disgrace to their family". Going to jail showed your dedication to the civil rights movement and your loyalty to African American community. The African Americans ability to stay strong together and keep a positive attitude towards the protest, helped them gain their rights.

Jim Zwerg was white american civil rights activist who took part in the protest in Nashville and the freedom riders. The freedom riders were people who rode buses in the south to test the civil rights laws. During one of his freedom rides he got brutally beat.


  1. Jim was those people who take action about civil ride movement. And he got injure those action. He was those people who beleived non- violent.

  2. Overall, I do agree with you saying MLK was a important leader in nonviolent civil right movement and the action of police is pretty wrong because they did not do anything when black people got hurt. Jim is a good example that tells the audience how White were bad and hurting the freedom rider students.

  3. Jim Zwerg was an amazing person who saw something that wasn't right and tried t fix it. he took a chance that he knew what would come back to hurt him. but he stil stood up for what he believed.


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