Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exploration 7: Naman Patel

There are many things that we can learn from the civil-Right movement. The biggest thing that we learned was that violence is not the answer to everything, and that there are other way of solving problems. the other thing that we can learn is all the people who fought for freedom. For them in that time freedom wasn't just handed to them, they had to work for it and they went through a lot in order to get that freedom. We also learned how the white people were treating the black people, it was like to different people living in one country, they have to get along to make everything flow smoothly. The film was mostly taking about the thing that happened in Tennessee and Alabama. The film showed many great points on how the black people were being treated, and the thing they were doing in order to over come the white people.

the biggest thing that caught my eyes watching the film was how the black people were getting beaten up, and the police were there just watching, and basically letting it happen. The other things that also caught my eye was how the young kids grow up hating each other, because the way they have been taught to live. The thing that was also surprising to me was how the black people were being denied to do the things we do in our everyday life. The kids weren't allowed to go to parks and stuff because the parents worried that they might get hurt, or the white people might do something to them. The other thing that caught my eye was how the black people got put in jail for trying to fight for their freedom, and to be just treated the same as everyone else. The parents were getting really worried because off the students going to jail, the parents were worried because they were messing up there career by going to jail. Th students really didn't ming going to jai, they taught that if they didn't go to jail there weren't helping out in the movement.

The Quote that I liked from the film was when MLK said "Alabama need to face the fact that we are determined to be free". i liked this quote because he is basically saying that we are going to do whatever it takes to get our freedom.

The person i had picked was John Patterson. John Patterson was elected as the 44th governor Alabama and served from 1959-1963. Patterson was very well involved with the Civil-Right movement. Patterson was not happy with the Freedom Riders going from Washington D.C. to New Orleans. A lot of the Freedom Riders were badly beaten up when they got to the bus station in Alabama, they were beaten up by the white mob. Many people think that Patterson had to do with the freedom riders getting beaten up, and that he hired all those people. When all of this was going on The President kept calling him to stop all the violence, and respect the freedom riders, but Patterson declined all of the calls from the president, and went along with his own strategies. Patterson is known to be the biggest support of the segregation. When the President give him army to invade people houses, he built his own army to do so. He was very well against the president. His Director of  the Alabama Highway patrol, Flyod Mann, positioned two undercover patrolman on the greyhound bus that was was firebombed outside Anniston. Determined to win the political points to win the election he stated that he would stand against MLK. He basically wanted the black people to have no freedom. 


  1. I have to agree with you when you say that violence is not the answer. I like you bio about John and I like the picture of him and a goat.

  2. I think it was interesting to know that John Patterson was a governor who keep against the black people and support segregation. In my own opinion, I think we should have peace in the world and against the racisim. A good governor should help the world become equal not inequality.


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