Sunday, April 20, 2014

Exploration 8

A Badass Utopia

Utopia stands for a perfect society. In Mr. Money Mustaches article, he explains how we as individuals can form a utopia around the globe. His main adjustment that he talks about, is that we need to stop spending so much money on luxury goods and start investing our money. If we are to start throwing more money into investments, then we will be able to retire at a much younger age and will have more money after retirement to enjoy the finer things in life, such as "people tossing frisbees and playing guitars in the parks. The sweet aroma of marijuana would float around without secrecy in public places". In this Utopia we would focus collectively on generating the good things about human nature rather than the bad ones. A society that promotes more loving acts rather than evil ones and this can be obtainable because everyone will be put in a better mood due to people being able to enjoy life rather than stressing about a new problem everyday. 

Mr. Money Mustaches article to me, even though it sounds like a great idea, will never be able to work. He goes into some detail about essentially cutting back on essential parts of life, such as vehicles and television. He's envisioning a society that was around 4o years ago. Trying to restart from 2014 to the 1960's simply isn't going to happen. I don't think anyone is going to be to happy when the government comes into your house and takes your TV.
I do like his envision on changing up the political system, but again, it's simply not going to happen. He wants to make the political process to be based on the quality of the politicians rather than the money they have. By focusing strictly on quality, the use of political ads will be eliminated, but that won't be a problem because we won't have any TVs. I also liked how he wanted the political community to be more politically engaged, so we would be able to decipher the lies politicians say.    


  1. I think a utopia would be good for the world, however, I think the idea of a utopia is impossible. For us to stop spending money on luxury goods defeats part of the idea of Capitalism, and then the American economy, and then the World Economy would fail.

  2. I think what Mr. Money is trying to say is shoot for the stars and if you dont get there then you will land on the clouds. If you dont strive for something a little bit excessive then you will never truly unlock your real potential. I read this post and liked it alot


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