Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Global Awareness Exercise: Jake McCluskey

The Humanitarianism speech given by James Orbinski was, to me, the most inspirational of the three speeches we read. I really liked it because these "Doctors Without Borders" could be doing there practice in a safe environment making way more money but they chose to be selfless and help those who need it the most. I really admire this because they went to school for a very long time to do what they do and they didn’t do it for the money they did it for the good moral cause. What is happening in this situation now is a group of doctors who call themselves "Medecins Sans Frontieres" or "Doctors Without Borders" travel around the world and provide professional assistance to people not receiving help in either natural disasters or human caused disasters, civil wars. They believe all humans have the right to efficient professional care no matter their status, race, or color. “Over our 28 years we have been, and are today, firmly and irrevocably committed to this ethic of refusal.” James Orbinski said in his Nobel Peace Prize speech.  

In Conarky, Guinea there has been a massive outbreak of Ebola. “Doctors Without Borders” emergency team is facing challenges in stopping this epidemic because on of their three treatment centers was suspended. “Doctors Without Borders” is supporting the Guinean ministry of health in its attempts to stop the outbreak. There have been 151 suspected cases and 95 deaths to date in Guinean. “Doctors Without Borders” has 60 international staff currently working in Guinea, and they are flying in more than 40 tons of supplies to help tackle the epidemic.



  2. The doctors are brave and they really like help the poors a lot ! It important especially for the poor countries have doctors.

  3. The suspension of three treatment centers would cause many difficulties

  4. I like how you connected the theme of doctors without borders, with the issues in Guinea.


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