Monday, April 21, 2014

Exploration 8: Get Rich With: Nature. Gabrielle

      Mr. Money Mustache writes this blog about how we can use nature as a way to save money. We all live these fancy lives with cars and phones, but we do not realize that we can use nature for free! Kids grow up with plastic toys when they can actually be outside being adventurous, playing with sticks and climbing trees. Teenagers and young adults drive around to places they need to go, but instead they can be walking or biking to places they need to go. Adults also use cars to get where they need to go but they can also go to biking as a way to get places as well as a good source of exercising. Mr. Money Mustache writes that many people do not realize how beautiful the outdoors are and what can be found out there. The outdoors are a good source for relaxation instead of paying to go to relaxing places. "It’s easy to forget about Nature when you lead a modern life. And when you forget about it, you slip into a pattern of spending your whole life trying to figure out what’s missing. Driving around, buying things, watching sports on TV, going out to entertainment establishments. Those things are all fun, just like our stuff. But most of the needs they fill are just replacing things that we were already getting for free, from Nature, for thousands of generations before they were invented". I really like this quote because it is 100% true. So many of us do sit and thing "what is missing from our lives?", and it really is nature that is missing. We take for granted what we have for free! We can go outside and entertain ourselves with a nice hike or long bike ride. 
      What Mr. Money Mustache is presenting to us is very doable and I absolutely love it. It is so easy for us to give up things like our cars and phones for just a little bit and try riding our bikes to where we need to go or getting away from our phones and going on a hike, enjoying what mother nature has given us. The only difficult thing is with places we need to go today, it would be hard to ride our bikes everywhere we had to go to. But by simply substituting our cars for our bikes to get to a simple place, we could save money as well as get relaxed and enjoy our surroundings. I think Mr. Money Mustache hit this blog right on the spot. We should all take a little bit of advice and get outside!

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