Monday, April 21, 2014

New Post: Amal

I read the article  Why You Should Smile at Higher Gas Prices. He simply states that having the gas price good thing for all of us. He states that "If the price could stay high for a while though, our amazing industrial society would automatically adjust in the name of profit". That if gas price  were to stay up we would get to have the cool cars just like Europe has.  Also it would be good because if we were to keep gas price down we would be required to drill into the ocean and hard wildlife. And we simply don't have much control on price because it comes from other countries. That having high gas prices would be much safer, that things would change for the better.  In doing this It would benefit us but the our spending would increase significantly.
  • cities would fill in more efficiently, making it easier for people to bike and walk, and even public transit would work better because of more compact cities and higher ridership
  • food that uses a lot of fuel to produce and ship would rise in price more than efficient foods – people would switch to buying the less energy-intensive food.
I guess i kind of like the idea that it wouldn't harm the environment as much and that we would have new cars like the Europeans do such as an electric car.  Just as  in today the gas prices are really high because of the countries it is coming from. its not a good thing because we are spending so much money on gas everyday to get to where we are headed. 


  1. I thought this was an interesting article and I never would have thought of this as a good thing!!

  2. I thought it was weird he said high gas prices are better. Many people would think that gas prices being higher would automatically be a bad thing and even after reading the way he thinks I still think high gas prices are worse.


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