Monday, April 21, 2014

Exploration 8

     The article I choose to research is. "When Energy Saving Becomes an Emergency." This page is about how we all spend too much money on everyday things that are easily cut down by a different lifestyle. For instance this page talks about saving on transportation, electricity and heating. At the end of this page they talk about how you can change these problems. Some solutions to gasoline prices being high is biking where you need to go or another solution to electricity is by simply shutting off your lights when you are not in the room. In addition too he did some research in figuring out certain things like "Last year I ran some tests on an old fridge that a friend still had in operation. It was burning 110 kWh per month, or  $135 of electricity every year. For $300 he replaced it with a nearly-new fridge from Craigslist and I measured it again. This one used 62% less energy, saving him $83 per year, which is a spectacular 28% annual return on investment!" Mr. Money Mustache shows how something as simple as that is making your bill higher.

       I liked this post because of many different ways because it shows how much we really are spending on things that we do not realize. The thing I do not like about this post is some of the things he says you can do to fix your problems. I do not think biking everywhere is a doable thing. If there were to be bad weather and you needed to go to the store you are not going to be able to bike in bad weather conditions.


  1. What I like from your summarization is that it had a similarity to my post which was taking a bike instead of a car. I really do agree that we do not realize how much money we are wasting by just not paying attention. I think it is smart to switch to eco-friendly appliances because they help save us money and they help the environment.

  2. I like your solutions on how to save more electricity


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