Tuesday, April 15, 2014

from sudi my concerned of somali's in kenya

There was many reading thet we did in this semester that were really good and reallt inportant. they were really a good essay to learn form it. one of the essay that i really liked was the essay the that Dr KIng wrote " Lettter from a Birminghom Jail. He wrote that assay when he was send to jail in Birninghom. Dr king was one the great people that time when the civil right was going on. i really liked that essay becouse it talking about the true. At the time that civil right Movement was going on Dr king would any thing to get that violent stope. Dr King Fight for what he was believed in.
One of the direct quets that i liked was "but more basically Iam here in Birminghom becouse injustice is here just as of the Prophets of the Eighth Century B.C left their Village and carreid their thus saith the lord". i liked that direct quet becouse he tells us the reason that he was here in Birminghom.

There is many Worldview problems that are here in the world. one of the worldview problems that i really of happening is and that is happing to my people is the issue that is somali people in Africa are going thought. the somalis that are in kenya are having a hard time lving in kenya. kenyan people are killing the somali people and taking Somali people go get out of the county. the Somali people dont have any place to go back. The Somali people are Cittiens there you cannot tell them get of the county when you give them a citintship. that is not right way to tearting the citiens of the city. i think that is a worldview issue that people can look at and do something about it.


  1. Somalia people and Kenya people had a lot problem. Kenya think every Somalia people who live in Kenya they are in terrorism. They kill children and wmens and they don't do nothing. I hope Kenya stop kill people.

  2. I think this is injustice of killing other country's people and bring another country's people to that country.

  3. I think the problem is that they are tired of letting people come into the country. They are tired because of how people are getting in Kenya and claim to be from there.


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